Best and worst movies of the decade

Film critic Peter Travers shares his list ranking the movies of the decade.
9:09 | 12/27/19

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Transcript for Best and worst movies of the decade
So hi everybody it's Peter Travers here with the special edition of popcorn and this isn't just the best of the year. We're gonna tell you about the ten best movies of the decade yet it. Your right we're ending in decades. So ominous start with number ten and we're gonna go backwards and start with black camp there number ten. Black pant there was a movie no studio wanted to make marvel put it on the back burner. Because they thought that audience wouldn't be there for a black superhero what would they wrong it was one of the most successful movies ever made. It allowed children especially of color to see themselves. Reflected on screen. Which superhero all apologies to Martins or says he who has famously said that. Marvel movies are not cinema I'm sorry mr. sources he this particular movie is thin it's terrific and revolutionary. In every way so. Good to see you here. Number nine number nine is in the master. This is written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson who did there will be blood and other films and for me. He is the best talent of his generation with the master. He's doing a movie that's not really about Scientology's but about a cult very much like it. And the great late. Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a character that is like L. Ron Hubbard and Joaquin Phoenix. Who we love this year in the Joker is playing a navy guy. Who is really disturbed mentally who falls under the spell of this man in this call. And it's about America it's not just about this but about how. We basically show a legions of things that we shouldn't that we need to think Parcells eight from with rate than. Number. 80 dark thirty directed by Kathryn Bigelow who only two years before. Had become the first woman to win an Oscar for best director for the Hurt Locker she followed it up with this. About the CIA's capture of Osama bin Laden log government went out there and said. We don't talk to we don't use torture. And we see this happen we see the water boarding and we see Jessica testing playing. A CIA operative who's seeing it first hand and saying is this good is this bad we're still having that argument. And Kathryn Bigelow does such an amazing job of making us see what happened and see what's behind what happened. So let's go to the next one. Twelve years a sleigh. Twelve years it's lame directed by a British artist named Steve McQueen not the late actor. And he decided to tell this story true story. Of a man a black man who lived three in New York before the civil war who is in kidnapped and taken to the south and indentured. So he goes from this world that he's living in with his wife and children. Two absolutes servitude. And it brings Behar of slavery to us like no movie ever had before. She would tell as yell fore who plays this way. One of the best performances ever in fact. Twelve years a slave on my ten of the decade. Is only one of two movies that actually won the Oscar for best picture so. Academy you need to get on the stick you need to be wondering why. You've missed so many opportunities but you didn't miss this one this was the right choice. Next step get out Jordan peels get out this was his first film as a director. He's a comedian. He decides to make a horror movie but harm the about the way we live now a bout a black man dating a white woman. Daniel Cohen who have placed him Allison Williams plays her. And goes to visit her parents and finds out. That basically they're trying to steal his strength and his spears in a kind of body snatchers way. The coop being up a culture is happening here so in the guise of harmless. Jordan peel has made in movie that speaks. To everything about race in this country and everything that still needs to be discussed amazing fail. Boyhood a crime and I think of Bourne had because. Richard linkletter who wrote and directed this decided to the horror of studio executives. That he was gonna make a movie about a boy from the ages of seven to eighteen. And he was gonna shoot it in real time over time he was gonna watch. That little boy instead of being played by older actor later. He was gonna age and we were gonna watch him maids just as the parents who have played by Ethan Hawke and Oscar winner Patricia Arquette. We would see him do this in real time everybody said what a failure would be instead it was a triumphant success because it had heart. And it spoke to us about who we are asked parents and children great men. The irishman. The only movie are my best of the decade that is also are my best of the year list. This is Martin score says the almost in a way saying. Goodbye to mob movies because he has actors like. Alpa chino. Joseph Pesci and the great Robert De Niro. All in their mid seventies escort says this. Talking about what happens when you get older as a mobster but what kind of crime doesn't pay messages being happening here at three and a half bowers this Netflix movie. I can't watch it enough it just keeps expecting me so deeply. And that's because everything in it is so deeply felt by a masked their direct. Moonlight the second to in the last my can movies they did win the Oscar for best picture even know. If you watch the Oscar show Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway kept saying the winner was La La land they were wrong but in this case Barry Jenkins is moving. About growing up in the Miami project the boy. Going through in a Wayland boy had aging three actors playing him. Who says I'm black and creative. I'm gangs. I'm conflict is what happens in my life what does my leg say about the America we live in today. Just terrific in every way especially Herschel we. Who plays a drug pusher who you would think would be cliche and who he makes a humanist somebody that helps this boy. Understand who he is and what he has. Okay. Mad Max fury road you may think I'm crazy that I did this is George Miller's movie and it's about it this Pope be in the world and people are cards and is a gas shortage there's no energy. And here you have Tom hardy as mad Max they the character that Mel Gibson created years before. And Charlize Daryn in what I think is maybe the best screen performance that they have received forgiveness of female warrior. It's a movie that moves moves moves but that also talked about the environment we live in talks about. The shortage of everything we deal with prom climate. To who we are what happens to our souls when we give up. On the things we need to live so you're having this. Rip roaring rocket of a time as a movie and when you go home you wind up thinking about it for a good long time. Number one and would Wear to the trumpets blown. This is the social network social network was in the first movie to come out in this decade that time my list that says 2010 movie. And it's a movie about FaceBook. It's about Mark Zuckerberg when he was a Harvard student thing I think it would be great for a few hundred my Harvard student friends. To connect with each other aren't something called social media that he called base. And the movie was a warning it also said you know this thing could be damaging this thing could also mean that it's turning us into a nation obnoxious. Who are taking pictures of ourselves and putting them everywhere so that we can see them and also what the downside of that. Ten the fact that we do this and give our information to the world be being used against that's well know and anymore it's movies like 1984. It points to a future that we're living with right now and it with dare to say. Watch out. So this is an amazing ten you can argue with me if you want you can reach me here at ABC but they're the ones I'm and.

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