Biggest virtual moments from 2021 Golden Globes

A look at the backstage Zoom interviews, fashion from home and social moments from the kick-off to awards season.
5:41 | 03/01/21

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Transcript for Biggest virtual moments from 2021 Golden Globes
So many of our favorite stars shining bright from the stage and from home. 78th golden globe awards last it was a virtual backstage, wasn't it, Lara? Yeah, virtually in my basement, yes, robin. It really was. You know what, the star, they didn't have to leave the comfort of their own homes last night which means they also didn't have to dress their best for the red carpet, but that didn't stop many of them from going all out. Welcome to the 2021 golden globe awards. Reporter: It's the annual kickoff to award season where stars shine bright sfleft we all know that award shows are stupid. Yeah. They're all a scam, invented by big red carpet. To sell more carpet. Reporter: Even without a red carpet the stars still found a way to use fashion to stand out. From Cynthia erivo's dress to Regina king's stunning silver and black evening gown by Louis Vuitton and rosamund pike pairing her red Mali go dard dress with a twist. What rosamund pike did which was different she wore she's Alexander Mcqueen combat boots that were just like super cool, you know, kind of like more like downtown or London eve than you would see on a red carpet. Reporter: The biggest fashion statement might have been from "Ted lasso's" Jason sudeikis. Reporter: Made history to receive his award in a hoodie worn to represent his sister's dance studio. I think you have to look back at Audrey Hepburn for "Funny face." She also wore a hoodie. No, that's not true. I believe when people that you care about do cool, interesting things you should, you know, support them. So this is no different than that. Reporter: The website selling out of the same hoodie in minutes following his award. A relatable moment because that's, you know, his quarantine fit clearly. Reporter: And the other big winners of the night, Andra day winning for best actress in a motion picture drama for her role in "The uned states vs. Billie holiday" shining a light on a personal hero of hers. I looked last night and I started crying and I posted it on my page and when I looked at the jazz charts on iTunes Billie holiday was at all the number one spots and that is purpose. You know what I mean? That made me overjoyed to just think of her, you know, being honored and being known, not just as a great jazz singer but as the great godmother of the civil rights movement. Reporter: "The crown" sitting reelally atop the rest taking home four globes. "The crown." "The crown." "The crown." "The crown." Reporter: And like any remote awards show it came with some technical difficulties. Hey, you're still very handsome but you're sideways. Hang on. There you go. Reporter: For Josh o'connor his comes without closely following the royal family. Are you following all of the Royals' news and prince Harry chatting and opening up a bit more? Do you follow any of it. It's so funny. I am the worst person to ask because I haven't a clue. What do you think of the Harry news and I just blanked it because I have no idea so I'm sorry. I know it's 4:00 in the morning. Will you celebrate or go to bed? Well, after a glass of champagne I think we're just going to keep going for a bit and then see when I fall asleep. I might fall aseem with a glass of champagne. Reporter: Anya taylor-joy taking one home for "The queen's gambit." Anya taylor-joy for "The queen's gambit." You wanted to be an actress your whole life. I feel like you gave it everything you had in "The queen's gambit." Did you leave it all on the table, so to speak? I think so. I think I definitely bled, cried, sweated for that movie. But, you know, I love that character so much and it was the first time that I played somebody that I had to give a lot of myself to in order to tell the story right. It really seemed tonight when you heard your name called that you were completely unprepared, did not expect it at all. What was that feeling like? I think, I think I'll maybe understand it tomorrow morning, maybe, potentially. What's the name of the sleeping hound just for myself. This is riva. She's a rescue. As we said, it was a family affair. So relaxed, really fun. We got to see Mark Ruffalo accepting his golden globe with his family and he wasn't the only one. Nicole kidman celebrated the evening with her husband Keith urban and their two cute little girls, Jason Bateman with his daughters waiting for his category to come up. Turns out he was making his appearance from his pal Jennifer aniston's house. She shared this behind-the-scenes look at the setup. But it was Kate Hudson who brought the party. Look at the group she had with her. Whole family, relatives, kids, you name it, yes, even Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell were there, guys. Oh, my goodness. It was really something to see everybody at home, but how about riva getting a shoutout, Lara? I know. From the star of "The queen's gambit" she has no idea that she's officially cool. Riva has always been cool. Thank you so much. Now we go to our "Gma"

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{"duration":"5:41","description":"A look at the backstage Zoom interviews, fashion from home and social moments from the kick-off to awards season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76178119","title":"Biggest virtual moments from 2021 Golden Globes","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/biggest-virtual-moments-2021-golden-globes-76178119"}