Billy Crystal talks about new Disney+ series ‘Monsters At Work’

The actor plays everyone’s favorite walking eyeball again in this “Monsters Inc.” spinoff series.
5:08 | 06/23/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Billy Crystal talks about new Disney+ series ‘Monsters At Work’
We are back with Billy crystal. He is bringing back the famous Mike wyzowski in a new spin-off series. "Monsters at work" picks up the day inc" used it to power the city and Mr. Billy crystal joins us good morning, sir. How are you? I'm sleepy still. It's 5:30 here. I love the show so that's why I'm up. You can take a nap afterwards. You love Mike wyzowski, don't I do. He's like -- George, really he's my favorite character of anybody I've ever had a chance to play on stage or in movies, I love him because he's so positive and he doesn't let anything get in his way and I've always loved that about him and he's unpredictable. He can break out into song, he's romantic. He's outrageous and he tries so hard to be better than he really is. And have with me -- because it's the 20th anniversary of the movie, of "Monsters, inc" and this was the first prototype when John Lasseter came over to show me this character and told me the story of "Monsters, inc," this was the first prototype that they made so I just wanted to show everybody that because it's one of my favorite possessions that I have, you know. I love this guy. It's early for you and you are still prepared with a little show and tell for us this morning. We appreciate it. After that clipper game ended I didn't sleep much anyway. That was supposed to be the question we were going to wrap with. Let's stick with "Monsters at I got it out of the way. Given your career you've had it's something to hear you say this is one of your favorite characters, what are you excited now about this character, Mike and sully. What are you excited about them doing next now. The series which is a ten-parter is really a continuation of "Monsters, inc." It starts as you said the day after the movie ended and so it's not a sequel. It's a continuing story and John Goodman and I are back but there's also all these wonderful funny and inventive new characters and wonderful actors playing them. Mindy kaling, Henry Winkler, young Ben Fellman and it's a really great story because we've now -- we're harnessing the laughs of children instead of their screams and young Tyler tuskman who Ben Feldman plays thought he had a job as a scarer only to come to the scare floor and find out that it's the laugh floor so you have these unfunny people trying to be funny which makes it really funny. At the end of every episode Mike teaches a comedy class. Let's take a look. Yeah. Comedy can be dangerous my friends I'll tell you why with you make friends laugh and giggle they can split a gut so be ware you can make a kid laugh so hard they can pee their pants. You said your grandkids. You said they used to call you up and wanted you to do Mike over the phone with you. Are they too old for that now? They're which too old for that now. If they did that I'd be worried about them. Yeah, when the movie first came out and 20 years ago and then, you know, the thing about "Monsters, inc" is that it's an evergreen. It just is out there and forgenerations to enjoy and new ones will so when they were little, I didn't really tell them what I did, you know, I couldn't really explain it, you know, the deli scene from "Harry to Sally" and little kids, why is she screaming. The pastrami is too spicy. You couldn't really do that so they saw "Monsters" then they would call the house and I'd answer, hello and they go, oh, is Mike there and for like sick months I had to be Mike instead of grandpa B. You mentioned the deli scene. What happens when you go to Katz's deli now? Well, I don't because of a gallbladder issue but -- no, I lived not far from there and sometimes I'll sneak in and if someone spots me it's a problem because they'll start faking orgasms and, you know, and when it's a guy it's very weird. It can get very strange. We'll pick another place when we go to lunch. Is this too early for this? Well, it was too early. We'll let you go here, but, yes, last night I assume you were watching the game. What are you going to do with your clippers? We're down 0-2 so we got them right where we want them. Billy, thanks for getting up. It's always great to have you on. "Monsters at work" begins streaming Wednesday, July 7th on Disney plus. New episodes drop every Wednesday.

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{"duration":"5:08","description":"The actor plays everyone’s favorite walking eyeball again in this “Monsters Inc.” spinoff series. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78437515","title":"Billy Crystal talks about new Disney+ series ‘Monsters At Work’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/billy-crystal-talks-disney-series-monsters-work-78437515"}