Binge Bruce Springsteen and 'The Witches'

People TV's Andrea Boehlke gives "GMA" the scoop on binge worthy movies like "Bad Hair" on Hulu, "Once Upon A Snowman" on Disney+, and more.
5:35 | 10/24/20

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Transcript for Binge Bruce Springsteen and 'The Witches'
you," the title track from Bruce Springsteen's brand-new album. We got much more on the boss' new music. That's a good jam to start the morning. I'm excited about that. New boss music. He's going strong. Sure is. Absolutely. He is amazing. He's always played long shows. Lots of good cardio, right? We've got some headlines we're following right now this morning. Doctors and medical officials warning a fall coronavirus surge is blanketing the United States. With the U.S. Reaching a record daily high of more than 83,000 confirmed cases nationwide, surpassing the previous record set during the summer surge. Now, the world health organization is warning the entire world and particularly the northern hemisphere that we are at a critical juncture saying the next few months are going to be very tough. Prosecutors in northern California have announced they will once again seek the death penalty for Scott Peterson after the state supreme court overturned his death sentence and ordered a re-examination of his case back in August because of a possible tainted juror. Peterson has spent the last 15 years behind bars after being convicted of the killing of his wife Lacey and their unborn son. And Tokyo's olympic swimming venue is officially open now. Organizers of the now 2021 olympics say all of the new venues for the games have been completed. Now the hard part is figuring out how to actually run the olympic games during a pandemic. The Tokyo olympics still scheduled to begin on July 23, 2021 after being postponed a year. Time now for a little thing we call -- -- "Binge this." And I was going to say maybe janai is going to be nicer this time but in the commercial break she asked if I'm wearing a toupee so probably not. And your answer? Are you not? Exactly, and your answer is? It is time for "Binge this." Strong tape. You've got some downtime? We've got you covered. Andrea Boehlke, the host of "People in ten" is breaking down the most bingeworthy entertainment you need to check out this weekend. Andrea, welcome. Thanks so much for being here. Yes, thanks for having me. Nice to see you. All right. Let's dive right in. What new movies are you loving right now? Okay, I love Halloween movies, and I have two for you. So starting with "The witches" on HBO max, so this follows a boy and his grandma. They stumble upon a convention of witches as you do. So the lead witch played by Anne Hathaway turns the boy into a mouse, chaos ensues. My favorite thing is you have Octavia Spencer playing the grandmom and she's working alongside all these cgi mice. It's brilliant. Great movie for the family. This next movie I'm excited about. It's terrifying, it's also funny, it's called "Bad hair." It premiered at sundance in January. So this also has something to say about society. It follows this girl who is told that in order to succeed at her job, she has to lose her natural hair and get a weave, which is unfortunately something a lot of black women hear in the workplace. So she gets this weave, and then things get scary because we find it's haunted, it's possessed by an evil spirit. And things get crazy. Just go along wit, janai. Scary movie. It has an amazing cast, you have Kelly Rowland, Laverne cox, Jay pharoah, Lena Waithe and cameo by usher and I love usher so usher plus scary movie, I will be watching. What about you, janai? I'm trying to control my laughter because the idea of getting a bad weave that is haunted is terrifying on so many levels. Okay, since we just can't let it go, there is a new "Frozen" short. Tell us about that. Yes, so all you parents out there probably tired of watching "Frozen" so much since it came out. There is a new short that everyone is talking about called "Once upon a snowman," and it's all about olaf. The sweet, precious olaf voiced by Josh gad, and you get to hear his untold origin story about how he came to be, his first steps. It's really sweet and available on Disney plus. It got me thinking, though, I may be crazy here. So if it's a baby snowman, is it technically a snowbaby? What do you think? Any thoughts about this, janai Oh, yes, snowball, right? Snowman baby. A snowball? I don't know. All right. Are we really having this conversation? Deep thoughts this morning. The science of olaf. It must be a snowball. Let's dig deeper. For Springsteen fans -- whit was really into this before -- yesterday was a huge day. Tell us more, Andrea. The boss is back. Bruce Springsteen just dropped his 20th studio album called "Letter to you," and I listened to the album. Its so emotional and joyous about his life, about contemplating the meaning of life. My favorite song on the album is "Ghosts." It came out just in time for Halloween. I don't know if Bruce planned that. Smart marketing there and to sweeten the deal there's also a documentary on apple TV plus which is about the making of this album and a tribute to the E street band which he's been with for 45 years. And you get to hear about him talk about love and life and loss. I kind of teared up a bit. Something about Bruce Springsteen makes me a little emotional, janai, but you can watch that on apple TV plus. Andrea, this "Binge this" has given me life this morning. You can watch Andrea on "People in ten" Thursdays 10:00 A.M. On and you can pick up this week's issue of "People" on newsstands nationwide now. Guys? We just launched a "20/20" special looking into the scientific development of olaf now. But, guys, I am a little worried that maybe my toupee is haunted. Stop it. Perhaps that's it. When the part switches to the other side -- I wasn't going to bring you into the "Bad hair." That was me being nice to you but you did it. It's not a toupee.

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{"duration":"5:35","description":"People TV's Andrea Boehlke gives \"GMA\" the scoop on binge worthy movies like \"Bad Hair\" on Hulu, \"Once Upon A Snowman\" on Disney+, and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73802381","title":"Binge Bruce Springsteen and 'The Witches'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/binge-bruce-springsteen-witches-73802381"}