Binge This!: The new movies and podcasts you need to check out this weekend

Jacqueline Coley, Rotten Tomatoes editor and co-host of the "Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong" podcast recommends watching "Coming 2 America," as well as a new podcast about Lady Bird Johnson.
3:07 | 03/06/21

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Transcript for Binge This!: The new movies and podcasts you need to check out this weekend
If you've got downtime this weekend, we've got the entertainment you're looking for. Rotten tomato's editor Jacqueline coley is telling us what is binge worthy right now. Good morning, my neighbor. Hi, how are you doing? Yes, we are starting with exactly what you should be binging this weekend, of course, the long-awaiting sequel," coming 2 America." We have Eddie Murphy and Arsenio this time they're actually bringing some new folks. Leslie Jones and Jermaine flower playing Akeem's long lost son who he figures out he conceived during his time in America. It's a really funny film which debuted just yesterday on Amazon prime and I think fans of the original are going to really love this new updated family-friendly version that brings back all of the principals and the laughs. Leslie Jones is incredible in it. If you're looking for something that's even more family friendly and maybe could sort of play to kids to all ages, highly advise that you check out Disney's new release, "Raya and the last dragon." This, of course, follows this trend recently with animation with Disney, films like "Soul" and "Coco," an incredible story of identity. Raya voiced by Kelly Marie Tran is on a journey to find the last dragon and that happens to be voiced by awkwafina. All Asian cast and really incredible film with already a 95% certified fresh score on the tomato meter back at rotten you can stream that one on Disney plus. Both are on my list. You mentioned earlier it is women's history month and there is a podcast that's here just in time for that. Tell us about it. This follows a recent trend where we're finding out more about the women behind the president. This is "In plain sight," lady bird Johnson and this is actually incredible because it features her own voice with these previously unrecorded audio tracks that she recorded daily both in her time inside Washington and outside of it. And, of course, I think it's a really gripping podcast to find out more about a woman who was right there in some of America's biggest moments. And you can find that one on all platform podcasts, apple podcasts, Spotify and the book that coincides with it will be available March 16th. Definitely really interesting. And it is my favorite season. No, not spring. Award season is in full swing. When is the next big ceremony? This Sunday, tune in for the critics choice awards. We will finally get to see maybe who these best picture front-runners could be. If you haven't seen some of these films, you can find out who the players are. Me personally I'm hoping to see "Promising young woman" maybe take home best picture. This stars Carey mulligan tells this sort of revenge story sort of for the me too era and Carey mulligan is absolutely incredible in it. So tune in this Sunday to see if maybe the critics vote for that one. We will. A lot to binge. Thank you, Jacqueline. New episodes of rotten tomatoes, every Thursday wherever you stream podcasts.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Jacqueline Coley, Rotten Tomatoes editor and co-host of the \"Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong\" podcast recommends watching \"Coming 2 America,\" as well as a new podcast about Lady Bird Johnson.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76294416","title":"Binge This!: The new movies and podcasts you need to check out this weekend","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/binge-movies-podcasts-check-weekend-76294416"}