Binge This: Getting ready for 2020 Emmy Awards

Entertainment expert Josh McBride is breaking down the buzziest nominated shows in three major categories.
2:57 | 09/19/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Binge This: Getting ready for 2020 Emmy Awards
We've got this judge and a Norman. And it on an ugly end. And we've got a very special edition of been this read this morning getting ready for the twenty when he Emmy Awards this weekend tomorrow night court. Saturday for Josh McBride is breaking down the buzzing is nominated shows in three major categories. So you're a window for tomorrow night Josh welcome thanks for being here. Thanks for having me right let's start the outstanding comedy series category which is ball of whole area shows what nominee that everyone's talking about. Yet there are so many funds shows in the category like what we do shadow that occurred. The Athens if I had to watch and I think you're right though reports even in the coming up eleven Emmy nominations including best comedy series. And it acting not our creator teaser rate and often seen trending on Twitter every Sunday night of horses show now Bubba vote when it comes to talk to show actually interviewed by which failed more on the show earlier this year and standstill question what it's. Door for Lawrence and hope to find out I was actually decreased production. Earlier this week with a table read fingers crossed spirits and he would be next for this show along with hopefully them taking home. Yes we love that job I have lots of talk about Lawrence and east out I'll take their favorite in the outstanding limited series category. Yeah so OK did category hat and little. Fire everywhere at Erica the super strong performances here. I for one during Washington and Reese Witherspoon reported little fires everywhere. Noting that people executive Bennett well butts beat. Seem to favor watched it really feels watching was what are the most critically acclaimed show that last year and 26. And the award nomination. The most of any series including nonsmoker Regina King for outstanding lead actress and limited series. The show quickly became a fan favorite animals are looking forward to its season. But based on what I'm reading and seeing the chances of that. Are slim so maybe she Faber. Every moment of this and it's all right and jobs real quick what should we bend in the hotly contested outstanding drama series category. Another good category killing even handmade tale which also became a quick obsession mind after the first beat him are among the so they're really think it's a tight race but I would watch the six action. First tiger Ozarks for eighteen nominations both dramas about. Very dysfunctional family something we're all too familiar ring genetic after the warranty. Total. Nine acting nominations here including Brian Cox and Jeremy strong big sister to the lucky night where sound. If. All the success he yelled and those are was one of my quarantine bend his jobs they so much. You can get more of Josh is entertainment expertise I'm is in for Graham and now over to even offer more on the Anthony's right thanks.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Entertainment expert Josh McBride is breaking down the buzziest nominated shows in three major categories.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73115688","title":"Binge This: Getting ready for 2020 Emmy Awards","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/binge-ready-2020-emmy-awards-73115688"}