Danai Gurira says she's moved by global impact of 'Black Panther'

The actress told "GMA" after visiting London and Africa she has seen this film shatter any concept that this message can't transcend various perspectives.
6:54 | 02/22/18

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Transcript for Danai Gurira says she's moved by global impact of 'Black Panther'
We're all the time we can't wait to bring got I've never seen wield swords on the Walking Dead but now she is amazing audiences. Around the world has ground breaking black panther please give it up for denied career. Omitted. Talk about today. There are only. They could grad Steve you for everything pretty fun on this movie but also a big referendum belated birthday happy birthday and remove. Okay. I don't know how to how to celebrate I did something quite out of your name for me I celebrated its. I I had a big party I had a big party is also kind of celebrating the film we are here that week from press anyway so. It was a so perfect everyone was in town we we we had a big a big to do an and it was also connected to the one campaign my work with them without women and girls and girl education so we had people do little advocacy work while they're at the party is so we got about connect sort of. Tell me. I put makeup on you go pick a topic that's been trying to do it in a commercial break all. The question of that would lot of. I'm right PM. And I appreciate that I don't know given the numbers from an estimated annual look at that and noble. I appreciate that. Just three of the. The reaction from people from all walks of life including the former First Lady Michelle Obama what she said about it and saying that. No matter your background that you can find something in this and it tells you to be the hero in your phone. If your own story how slow submit my preview. To experience this kind of reaction from people. Secret of that thing that's just thinking this morning it's kind of thing US like more than you could have asked for jumped up more imagined than the good book says you know it's it's kind of that feeling that. You know you you can never expect that you you worked so hard news I loved the vision that Ryan had and the platform models putting up and a store to ask a perspective on. I want I floated around the marvel studios after he talks to me about it I didn't know a car was that it carried out. I was so moved by the idea of telling a story like this in and we gave it everything we had X we were so passionately committed. But they did is that what Arenas like you know here's the big it will be nothing if not how to look you don't know how people gonna respond to let you know and so that there are the residents that it had. Has been might just more than one could ever did you have a feeling while you gotten work. You know we did because. Dead the thing especially for a lot of them from most of all of us in the buildings. We have never seen this and it just to be a part of it was so massive but just to see it happen. I was pleased just to know what's happening to be in it was just. You know that I thing. Yeah but likes the idea I grew up on the continent people grow up you know whoever they grew up you know Ryan in Oakland and we all have that same thing we had yearned for these types of images and we haven't seen them we haven't seen. Diverse perspectives to hold on how wrote to pull the tail like a bit don't heroic level you know we just. Hadn't seen an epic level of storytelling coming from. Respect to the people who looked like so it so I was powerful grounds that he hadn't yet fantastic and I am I and I question I was super fan that's preventing me. I I have no information on that let them. A lot of historic and why aren't police say nothing that is yeah. That's getting a stimulant. I yeah you know is we're doing that's what's so much right now an android. I'm how hard for out of thank you haven't yet so it's Alder salt who's been the reaction. Personally that you have. Witness that mood you if I'd been so moved by as so many ways I'm in in London I'm that's Martin Freeman's young son who was a I was his favorite character that Martan whisper to me you know he's he's gonna come to you can pet other fuel. We dislike in disinclined independent minds think he's in mind it is held onto me so tight and then like this little British film and was just sold. In love with these characters and with this world and it just. It shattered any concept that you know these things can transcend they're coming from one perspective you know got it right there that was so shattered he just would not like oh yeah. As is the most beautiful thing and like being in London again and being in Africa just now I did not back yesterday. I was amongst a lot of students a lot of young women who were you know grappling in a moment where they're trying to love themselves and accept themselves not only seeing representation of themselves. And they comedy what good though the responsibility we now feel is they come to us forensics. They come to us because. They admit they now want to share their struggles with what they're what Powell we got took place of confidence in who we are in and where we're from. And that's what I love about it is there's the threat of a reclaiming taking place that's resonating just now and in incest South Africa als with us goods group of students from the African leadership academy who are students from across the continent my friend Fred Swann got started it. And their students who are from right from cape to Cairo and they're all there because they're the best and the brightest and they get to really explore how they would it will lead Africa and the future. And they were all asking me all these cautioned that there looking at me like. You know help us to really understand the pride in. Who we are and how we move our continent forward and that's now what the responsibility comes it's now we we have to have. Left and courage and an F five. As people are feeling the residents in this film that's telling them to be proud of who they are not believe the lie that that there are deficient because they're different let's spend wow we're seeing action here. Both scene in the movie. Can you guys a favor by letting you even being here. Dean people who niece. That's what queasy she should know. She speaking with. When she wants to. I it's okay. Good news. We're here when you came on the screen. They of the cheers for your character I pay you are. You are fierce but you are feminine you are loved in this mu you're loved out of this moment. And theaters right now there's so you go check it out denied your rear everybody.

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{"duration":"6:54","description":"The actress told \"GMA\" after visiting London and Africa she has seen this film shatter any concept that this message can't transcend various perspectives.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53258462","title":"Danai Gurira says she's moved by global impact of 'Black Panther'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/black-panther-star-danai-gurira-dishes-hit-film-53258462"}