Chris Rock talks about the new season of ‘Fargo’

The comedian also shares how he spent his summer getting in shape by learning how to swim.
9:23 | 09/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chris Rock talks about the new season of ‘Fargo’
We're so glad to have you with us on this Thursday morning, we could not be more excited to bring in our next guest, robin. Anything that will help us to stop thinking about your feet, Michael. Right now. He is one of the most beloved comedians of all time. Now he is getting rave reviews for his dramatic performance in the new season of "Fargo." Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome none other than Chris rock back here to little old "Good morning America." It is great to see you, Chris. We're all looking forward to weighing in and talking with you congrats on "Fargo" and "Hollywood reporter" and all that, and how great you're looking, but we want to start by asking you about breonna Taylor, and the grand jury's decision because you have -- you have two daughters. Me? What was your reaction? Yes. Yes, Chris. First, I want to say it's great to hear your voices because I can't really see you right now. I know. Let's -- let's -- before we say anything, let's acknowledge how much it sucks that we can't be in the same room. Let's just go there because normally we have a great time together. Come on. Yeah. Robin, Michael, George. We have had some good times, and this sucks. Yeah. We'll make the most of it. Let's acknowledge -- let's not act like oh, it's back to normal. Hey, robin. Hey, George. No. This sucks. I miss you guys. I miss that studio. I miss times square. I miss it, miss it, miss it. We can give you a test and have you come join us. Yes. Something. Let's just put plastic bags over ourselves and I don't know. I'm of course I'm upset about the breonna Taylor verdict. It seems that not only should the cops have been charged, but it seems like the whole chain of command should have, you know, been reprimanded for such a heinous act, you know, a woman's life was lost for absolutely nothing, and yeah. It's, you know, yes, I have two daughters, but it wouldn't matter if I had two sons or, you know, whatever. It's just -- it's just insane that this is something that we're all used to. So that's my sense on this. No. That's very well said, and certainly we're all getting used to a lot of things as you just pointed out, that are not comfortable, and I know you have been at home like the rest of us during this quarantine, but you've managed from what I gather, to make some good out of all of that staying at home because we have a photo of you. "Hollywood reporter" there, and it looks like you've gotten some workouts in there. I would say so. Apparently you have a new skill that may have tributed to what we're seeing here, Chris? Yeah. Well, you know, it's like the quarantine, what are you going to do? You have all this time, and yeah. It's -- I just used it to work on something I hadn't normally worked on, my body. And my mind actually. So I have been -- yeah. I have been kind of working out every day. I got a -- I got a covid tested trainer, and, you know, I -- I started a workout regimen, and I have a new diet, and I actually learned to swim. I had never, ever learned to Wow. And it's -- it's pathetic because I've actually owned houses with pools for the last 17 years, and I've never been able to swim. I've never been able to swim, and my kids swim, you know, all the time, and when you can't swim, and you're around people that can swim, it's, like, watching people fly. You can't even believe it. You're, like, wow. Look at them go. That's so cool. Oh, boy. You know, I -- I vacationed on yachts and can't swim. Do you know what I mean? Like, what the hell is wrong with me? Making you wear the life vest, Chris. Make sure you have the life vest on at all times. Yeah. I mean, I'm good in a pool now. I wouldn't -- I'm not ready to jump off of a yacht quite yet, but I'm good in anybody's pool. I can throw down. I'm -- yeah. I'm aquaman. I'm blaquaman. You talk about different roles like that, and it's a throwback Thursday, so we're going to throw it back a little bit because Jason Alexander, he was on "Howard Stern," and he said you were offered the original role of George Costanza. Is that true? I'm not sure. I'll say this. Warren Littlefield who has been running -- who used to run NBC was definitely a fan of mine, and he actually put me on "Fargo," and I don't remember the "Seinfeld" offer. I remember getting an offer to be on "Cheers" back then. Cool. I do remember a "Cheers" offer, and I was, like, ah, come on. It's too late. Those guys don't have any black friends. Come on. They're not racist, but, you know, Rachel's not dating a black guy. A young Blair Underwood, but she's not going out with me. So -- It has been such a crazy, chaotic year. So you learned to swim this year, but I would love to see a Chris rock show in 2020. How are you making sense of it all? I mean, George, by the way, I miss you too, George. I miss you. What -- I don't -- I really miss you, man, and me and George, our daughters go to the same school, but that's a whole other side bar. That's how good I'm doing, guys. My kids go to the same school as George Stephanopoulos. That's how good my life is. I see George Stephanopoulos on car line, okay? You mentioned "Fargo," Chris. You were starring in the new season. You play a 1950s crime lord, and you say this is the best part you've ever had. Why? I mean, it's a full -- I mean, first of all, if anybody's ever watched "Fargo," "Fargo" -- I would say the best shows on television are -- well, "Game of thrones," "Atlanta," and "Fargo," okay? Everything else falls under that, and so, you know, this guy, Noah holly writes the best parts in the world, and my character is from the 1950s. He's a crime lord in Kansas City, and it's just a fully formed character. He's a black man in the '50s who is trying to be a legal businessman, and at the same time running a crime empire. He's a father. He's a husband, and, you know, he's a complicated man in a world that is totally set up against him, and he is determined to come out on top. We cannot wait to see it. Let's give everybody a sneak peek. You're acting like I work for We got an alliance, and I know you think part of being an American is standing on my neck, but I see the window signs. No coloreds, no Italians, so we're both in the gutter together like it or not. Yeah. Cannot wait to see it, Chris. Thank you. Always good to talk to you. We miss you too. Hopefully next time we talk to you it will be in the studio. Michael, man, we got to do one more Disney world, man. Our kids are ready. We went together, a father/daughter trip. I'll talk to you soon, and everyone -- Take care now. Take care. The fourth installment of "Fargo" will premiere with two episodes this Sunday on FX, and the next day on hulu. Make sure you do not miss Chris rock, everybody.

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{"duration":"9:23","description":"The comedian also shares how he spent his summer getting in shape by learning how to swim.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73213655","title":"Chris Rock talks about the new season of ‘Fargo’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/chris-rock-talks-season-fargo-73213655"}