Coachella 2018 kicks off with The Weeknd

Adrienne Bankert reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
3:37 | 04/14/18

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Transcript for Coachella 2018 kicks off with The Weeknd
All leads up to this. All leads up to pop news that you're banker all I don't fit what you. Here music lover that you are massive music lovers so I think he would know Coachella is officially. He the possibility junk software fans in fact cities' and the hottest names in music. All gathering together in the California desert. Yesterday's headliner was the weekend and if you haven't seen it on it's a gram or YouTube hit that date for the start with vigor. The ruling the crap. Sounded like Michael bad example. Here anyway. Rock yeah a lot about what my thoughts and that's why I haven't met you might need my serve on the highly. Beyond today but I'll be making it to the stage tonight Chris that reportedly featuring 100. Background dancers that's all backup dancers via. You know what rumor has it she could be reuniting with Destiny's Child why me why coach. I have visited polling you reuniting really reuniting. The other good of if you heard that. He would not win aliens and I noticed that he had mentioned it when he's like I don't know but I'm telling you there's more in the gossip mill about. Yes I can't even make I'm not a gambling woman. Anyway what if you work but if you work I I've I. Commitment. Hey don't RNA yeah. Apartment we all the chatter hearted already. Part of my enemy moves you also going to be performing at Coachella Sunday the singer's album invasion of privacy racking up over 100 million streets and apple music. That means she just broke through with that record wow. That's math I think in the attic and outlook I don't know how hard it's very nice in the first week with a bronze star rapper also this set. The record straight she is expecting a baby it's good for her and forgive her baby and I don't feel we all know you've got a lot going on the business the end. And after the mob business web. What man. Thinking of the one end of the woman of the hour Megan Markel undercover. News. CNV reports. That the princess bride thing here is right it. On a surprise trip to the US surprise. Report it to complete her visa application for the UK. You showed up at an application center Thursday. For a ten minute appointment of where he had had not been completely cleared her bodyguard standing by hate. To make sure that she could handle her business without being bothered. A speculation she chose to do it in Chicago because she's familiar with the city. The north western ally of the turning to I think the letter to the parents Sunday yes well since the citizens of the island Canada Canada I can't tell you there. It closed up Chicago corn is picked cannon batteries away you get up. Today I'm missing. It back I'll. Think it's that we love Paula. Hubert guy out of Jack and let's talk more effective rate. Not doing super starts out as a teacher collection of materially. I don't either collectibles are you doing this but he's got his pretty face on T shirt check them out Avraham. He's backing the president acted like this there are no he got this when at a press junket from the interviewer that he has a cartoon version of himself. As a marvel character also hearing. I would Wear their hair I would think it's definitely right thank you Adrian thank. Evening watching as we'll be back here tomorrow would more GMA.

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{"id":54466164,"title":"Coachella 2018 kicks off with The Weeknd","duration":"3:37","description":"Adrienne Bankert reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/coachella-2018-kicks-off-weeknd-54466164","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}