Dan Abrams' new book on Theodore Roosevelt

ABC chief legal analyst Dan Abrams discusses his book and other stories making headlines.
4:14 | 05/25/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dan Abrams' new book on Theodore Roosevelt
Our chief legal analyst Dan Abrams is here with us this morning. He's got a new book out about Theodore Roosevelt and we'll talk to you about that in a minute but because you're here we have to ask a million other questions about lots of other things. First up, Missouri's governor signing tough new abortion restrictions on Friday, the same day the aclu and planned parenthood filed a lawsuit challenging Alabama's abortion ban, also on Friday a judge blocking Mississippi's ban on abortions after six weeks. What is the strategy for passing all these laws? So, I think in a lot of these states they know that these laws are never going to actually be enacted. They're really just testing the system. I think what is clear is that the supreme court will be hearing certain restrictions to abortion. The Alabama law, for example, that just bans abortion is not going to happen. The question is going to be what are the restrictions that are ultimately approved and which states were they coming from and that's going to be the ultimate test for the supreme court. We'll have to wait and see how that all plays out. Turning now to president trump's subpoena battle. The white house has been resisting all subpoenas from congress. We have seen that play out in the last week. Where does this go? What will likely be the outcome when it all goes to court? So there's a spectrum, right. The tax returns and documents associated with this finances are almost certainly going to come out. He's going to lose that fight. It's a tougher question on the testimony of some of his inner sanctum folks. There are some arguments there, some executive privilege, et cetera. All of these things, though, will work its way through the courts and the question is going to be, all right, when it reaches the highest court and there's a ruling and let's say the ruling is he has to turn over his tax returns or the banks have to turn over documents, you would hope that court orders will be adhered to because those questions on the tax returns and some of the documents to me don't seem like particularly close legal calls unlike the question about testimony where there are some legitimate arguments that the trump team is making. Then what happens next after all that, right. Well, now to the "Varsity blues" case. We've all been following that here especially at "Gma." Three parents pled guilty in court Friday. How will these guilty pleas impact the parents who haven't made a deal yet like Lori Loughlin who is still waiting to see how her case plays out. I don't think it will impact her. These were all less money. This is all cases where people pled and they're recommending four months, maybe eight months. In the case of Lori Loughlin they're offering her three years so you can understand why she's saying, look, I'm not going to plead because her case is $500,000 as opposed to the cases we're talking about in the range of $15,000 to $50,000. The reason you actually came here for. I wanted to talk about all this stuff. You have a new book out, "Theodore Roosevelt for the defense" and what makes this so different from all the other history books that have been written about teddy Roosevelt? So this is a book about a for gotten trial. A trial where Theodore Roosevelt, the former president of the United States was on trial accused of libel. He testifies for eight days in his own defense. Franklin Roosevelt testifies in his defense. And there are a lot of issues that come out up in this case, and it's about political corruption, that are relevant today. Everything from corporate money influencing politics to party political bosses, et cetera. But in the end this is -- we have a transcript of the trial, 3,000 pages and we tell the story around this trial that at the time was on the front pages of every single newspaper in America that somehow became a footnote to history and now we're trying to sort of bring it back and say to people, this trial mattered enormously to Theodore Roosevelt at the time. As you can imagine when you're sued and you end up testifying and you're cross-examined by a lawyer who does not like you politically or personally, it's interesting stuff. The parallels of kind of what we're looking at in our current political climate as well. Absolutely. But this book in the end is a legal thriller. It's a true story all based on the transcript but, man, the end -- I couldn't believe the end of the trial, you think the trial is over and it's not. Well, thank you, Dan. We appreciate having you on. Your new book is called "Theodore Roosevelt for the defense." We'll be right back with "Pop news." "Theodore Roosevelt for the defense."

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"ABC chief legal analyst Dan Abrams discusses his book and other stories making headlines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63273427","title":"Dan Abrams' new book on Theodore Roosevelt","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/dan-abrams-book-theodore-roosevelt-63273427"}