Dax Shepherd talks 'Bless This Mess'

The actor previews what fans can expect from the new season of the show and talks about life with his kids and wife Kristen Bell.
4:11 | 09/16/19

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Transcript for Dax Shepherd talks 'Bless This Mess'
movies like "Employees of the month," and now "Bless this mess" is on ABC. So happy you came on. Thank you. The show is so funny. This is a very wonderful energy to have first thing in the morning, yeah, yeah. Thanks, you guys. I feel like I should invite folks like this home in the morning to wake up and see some smiling faces. You are an L.A. Guy so it's -- Roughly 4:00 in the morning, yeah, yeah, yeah. Good times. I'd be my second trip to putting my daughter back to sleep normally right now. We thank you for being here. If you haven't seen it and need to it's about a big city couple that move to the country. Have you and your beautiful wife ever thought about doing anything like your TV persona has done. I think about it all the time. Any time we go on vacation I'm having fun for two days. Woo he got to move here. We need to look for a place -- yes, yes, I have terrible wanderlust and she is more pragmatic. I want to live in Austin, Texas, really bad. Whoo. There's a lot of places I wouldn't mind. It's a great concept. I'm a hillbilly. I have a bunch of off-road vehicles. L.A. Doesn't lend itself to that so well. I think in the future I may be on some acreage. Your two girls are following in your footsteps. Proper L.A. Hillbillies. My 6-year-old rides a dirt bike and mini razr. Is incredible. I read she's like an unbelievable driver. It makes you cry. Literally I'll be -- I sit in the passenger seat an I'm like -- watch out for that and then tears and then smiling and then, yeah. Tears of joy then terror. Oh, there's nothing more fun. Putting your life in the hands of a 6-year-old. What's wrong with that? Yeah. I want to show everybody a little piece of "Bless this mess." Roll them. Why haven't we unpacked all these boxes. It's not like there's anything important in there. We have to show the town we're here to stay. Oh, yeah. We are here. We're going to die here and getting buried here. We should dig some plots so people think they're in for the long haul. Maybe start with unpacking the boxes first. Okay. That is great. Lake bell as your wife. You've entered the world of pigs on "Bless this mess." Yes. How is that working with those actors? Well, one recently -- there was a scene where everyone cheered and it was on my lap and then it evacuated on me. I'm sorry. That's all right. I lived with it. People came in and cleaned everything up but pigs don't care if they go on you. No, they don't. That's why we say pig when someone is a mess, yeah, yeah. It was very on brand for the pig. I want to brag about your wife Kristen bell obviously, Anna in "Frozen." Uh-huh. You fun-loving, great dad. Who is cooler to your two little girls. Boy, I think like all little girls they think it was way cooler if she was Elsa. Yeah, so anyone who has a fantasy of like, if I did that my kids would think I was cool, nothing -- they will never think you're cool. Even if I was like magic on paw patrol, oh, I don't know. Yeah, but, you know, they -- Kristen is obviously a beautiful singer. She sings to them at night when we're in bed. They already know the entire plot line of "Frozen 2" if they knew it for an hour. They're 4 and 6 so it's not like they could repeat anything with any clarity. Safe with them. Yes, cow tell them the combination to the nuclear codes and then sleep like a baby that night because they can't keep anything straight for more than hour so I believe they think they know the plot of "Frozen" but I doubt they do. All right. Well, we're excited to see that and love you in this. Season two of "Bless this mess" premieres Tuesday. Next Tuesday! 8:30 P.M. Right here on ABC. Thank you, Dax. Always good to see you. Go get some sleep. Okay.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"The actor previews what fans can expect from the new season of the show and talks about life with his kids and wife Kristen Bell.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65638322","title":"Dax Shepherd talks 'Bless This Mess'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/dax-shepherd-talks-bless-mess-65638322"}