'2 Dope Queens' stars answer questions from college students and fans

Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson take questions from college students live on "GMA."
3:40 | 02/09/18

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Transcript for '2 Dope Queens' stars answer questions from college students and fans
Let me say that again, the new HBO special, "2 dope queens." Yes. We got a wonderful audience as always, so thank you all. And we've got some students from Barnhardt college from Barnhardt college and they want to have -- they want to ask a question. Emily, you want to go first. Sure. What is a challenge you face as a woman of color this comedy and how do you deal with it? Whoo. Love it. That's a great question. Great question. I love you. I love your style. Everyone here is like an icon. I love it. I started out doing stand-up ten years ago and that's a predominantly like white male sort of industry and, you know, I think there's just a lot of times you're not taken seriously. A lot of times we would show up and people would think I was the girlfriend of a comic. There's a lot of that sort of thing where you're like you do comedy. Oh, you're funny so a lot -- you have to prove yourself a lot but that made me really strong and develop my voice because I'm like I have to believe in myself first because no one else is going to so I think that's the hardest part, but you get that self-confidence in a way that you might not have gotten if you didn't look yourself in the mirror and say, I am worthy, I can do this no matter what anything else thinks. Yes. Thank you. I also like --S if. When I started out doing improv sketches in high school I found I was surrounded by a lot of white guys on my team and I wish if I had to give myself advice then from now, I always looked around and questioned what my voice was because I looked around and I didn't hear anybody that sounded like me and so I think for awhile early on I wanted to emulate them. But what I found especially with "The Daily Show" and "2 dope queens" where we get to be ourselves, that there's only one you and people respond often to truth and truth resonates even if you're writing or anything, across any platform so my advice would be always stay true to you and you if don't see people that look like you while you're growing up, so what. Keep going to stay true to yourself. That's wonderful. Good advice there. Ben, our time is running out, Ben, you have a question too? Yeah, you kind of are three step as head. I was going to ask what is some advice you would tell to your younger self, maybe phoebe answered that question. Maybe phoebe. Okay, sure, I'm 33. Ow. Yow! What I would tell myself is, don't worry as much. I think especially comedy is like -- the industry a lot of times to make you feel like if you're not the hottest thing you're nothing. And if you don't get this audition, you're garbage so I think there's a lot of -- you have to realize that's false hysteria. That's fake stuff to distract you from your purpose and I feel like with "2 dope queens" we figured out our purpose was to have fun to, have a great platform for other stand-up comedians and it just like -- there's no other show like us so we're going to create that show so just create what you want to do. So that's what I would tell my younger self. All right, phoebe, Jessica, thank. You thank you. Thank you so much. A platform for so many others, as well. You know. Come back and see us again. You know we will. Yes. This is our couch.

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{"id":52950268,"title":"'2 Dope Queens' stars answer questions from college students and fans","duration":"3:40","description":"Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson take questions from college students live on \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/dope-queens-stars-answer-questions-college-students-fans-52950268","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}