All the drama from last night's shocking 'Bachelorette'

As Hannah narrows down her list of suitors, the men continue to be fed up with Luke P.
2:37 | 06/18/19

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Transcript for All the drama from last night's shocking 'Bachelorette'
And now we'll get off that and go to our "Gma" cover story. Hannah taking charge on "The bachelorette" last night. She got fed up and sent three guys home. We spoke exclusively with one and Abbie Boudreau is in L.A. With more. Hey, Abbie. Reporter: Good morning, Michael. With so much drama Hannah questions if she'll ever find love on the show and the guys are worried she may be giving up. I'm so frustrated. Reporter: It was an explosive episode of "The bachelorette." Stop. I'm so frustrated about there always being fights in the house and it's pissing me off. Reporter: Starting with Hannah doing what all the guys in the house want, sending Luke P. Home. So is this it? Does that mean I go home tonight? Yes. And I just want to you respect Reporter: But Luke had different plans in mind. Nothing is going to stop me. Nothing is going to clutter or clod my mind. Reporter: Begging Hannah for one more chance. I want to move mountains for you. I hate this. I can't stand it seriously, I cannot stand it. Reporter: His decision to stay upsetting all the other bachelors. I'd be ecstatic if Luke didn't come home. I'm hoping I don't see that guy ever again. Obviously she likes you. It makes my blood boil. Reporter: All the drama making it impossible for Hannah to find true love. Please stop. Pointing fingers at other people and allow me to do that and focus on yourself and what maybe I need from you. None of you know anything about me. And why I'm here. And what makes me me and things I've gone through. Reporter: But in the end Luke stayed. But for Kevin, grant and Devin it was the end of the road. You're an amazing woman and I just wanted to tell you. Reporter: We found out how toxic the house is. She's looking for somebody to spend her life with and we're still dealing with this kind of high school drama. Reporter: Devin telling us Luke P. Is holding Hannah back. Really comes down to immaturity and relationship experience. We're just sick of it interrupting our time and messing with Hannah's emotions because when Hannah is affected that affects all of our relationships, as well. Reporter: Hannah now left questioning everything. So the big question, will Hannah continue her search for love or will she walk away alone? I know the guys are hoping for a second chance, guys. We'll see. All right. I have a feeling she'll try again. You think so? We turn to the battle for

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"As Hannah narrows down her list of suitors, the men continue to be fed up with Luke P. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63782234","title":"All the drama from last night's shocking 'Bachelorette' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/drama-nights-shocking-bachelorette-63782234"}