Ed Norton and Gugu Mbatha-Raw talk ‘Motherless Brooklyn’

The two star in the upcoming noir murder mystery based on the book of the same name and set in 1950s New York City.
4:08 | 10/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ed Norton and Gugu Mbatha-Raw talk ‘Motherless Brooklyn’
We are joined now by the stars of the upcoming murder mystery "Motherless Brooklyn," Edward Norton and gugu mbatha-raw. We're so excited to have you here. So, Edward, I'll start with you. I was amazed to find out, talk about a passion project. You've been working on this for 20 years. Yeah if in the making. I read the book 20 years ago. It's a wonderful novel called "Motherless Brooklyn" about a detective with tourette's syndrome and obsessive/compulsive disorder who has to come out of his shell and solve a mystery but we wove it together kind of with some of the deep, dark things that happen in New York City in the mid '50s. You liken to a film noir "L.A. Confidentialal-ish." In the theme of movies I love like "L.A. Confidential" and "Chinatown." Atmospheric hypnosis rides through another era and it was a great adventure. It takes place, you can see in some of the footage there, in the '50s, gugu, you play in crusading lawyer at a time when most thought women would be seconds in the workforce. What was it like to play in femme fatal? I've been a fan of Edward's work for such a long time, not only as an actor but he's written the script, also directing it and for me Laura rose was such a Progressive character. She was from the Harlem jazz scene but also as you said a trained lawyer. People underestimate her and I just thought she was such a pioneering activist. A character that you wrote specifically for gugu, right? Yes, the -- we departed from the plot line of the book and sort of wove it into the things that happen in the mid '50s and I have been a big fan of gugu's work and after this film I think everybody will become more and more aware of her incredible talent. Well, shall we see? Take a look at the incredible talent. You guys want to take a look? Then they come in and take the nice old family hopes and chop them in four and rent them up and do repairs but steal copper pipe as well. Didn't submit plans but milked it. Slam it for the slumlords. Do you think making it up Nike Negro conspiracy. I have a condition that makes me say funny things but I'm not trying to be funny. I'm really not. I'm listening. Your character has tourette's what was it like to play that role? Well, I think it's a very unique condition and it has very -- in each person it has very individualistic expression and compulsion, vocal tics. Visual tics and to me I think -- I like, you know, whether it's Forrest gump or rainman or those sorts of film, to me the challenge is not sort of representing a disability or a condition authentically, it's exploring the full humanity of a person who has that and the challenges -- the ways they have to grow and mature and become heroic despite that and I think in many ways that's what our characters in the film bond over is that they're both unseen by other people, they're both undertipped by other people and their initial bond is not a traditional romantic one, it's more that they see and listen to each other. This cast is just incredible that you guys are both part of. Just a couple, Bruce Willis, Alec Baldwin, willem Dafoe, the list goes an own an own on. Must have been so much fun on the set. So incredible and I have to say Edward really assembled these real actor actor, a lot of having theater backgrounds and for me as one of the only Brits -- All new yorkers except for this one. Oh, really. That was great. We look forward to it. We're happy to have you both here this morning. Thank you so much and congratulations on this project. Guy, "Motherless Brooklyn" opens in theaters on November 1st.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"The two star in the upcoming noir murder mystery based on the book of the same name and set in 1950s New York City. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66206829","title":"Ed Norton and Gugu Mbatha-Raw talk ‘Motherless Brooklyn’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/ed-norton-gugu-mbatha-raw-talk-motherless-brooklyn-66206829"}