'Eighth Grade' film hits home for teens and becomes eye-opener for parents

Bo Burnham appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' and talks about his critically-acclaimed film, 'Eighth Grade.'
19:17 | 08/03/18

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Transcript for 'Eighth Grade' film hits home for teens and becomes eye-opener for parents
I asked one girl gave a special talent and after several if this does one girls that I have eczema. Like a lot and another kid like eating a belt separately Annapolis like. Just get them in Lake County did these kids process. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers welcome to popcorn we tell you it's happening. At the movie and my favorite men that that now bar none is called eighth grade. If the brain child of my guest Bo Burnham. Who is telling a story about a thirteen year old girl so. We as welcome to the show up for me creator pleased at thirteen year old groh leaving him. We share a duplex now and I'm. I don't know you know I really set out to make a movie about. How I was feeling it when it what I felt like it felt like to be alive now which to me it felt and using it weird and strange and everything was changing. So very quickly if in the lineup we've middle school if it sort of like looking at that age. Expressing themselves on line making videos. The boys talked about video games that girls talked about their souls sews like a public good if a girl but it is run slightly there's holes. If it even Saturday we tried the a little later in life but that agents like the girls this app display effort slightly deeper questions so IIA and continues through life I think them. But I it really is in the wake its personals about mean now more than was need when I was that age. What's in this move the so many things but what pervades. Ease anxiety. And yet it's. What do I do yet. Nobody's liking me. I don't know how to express my I don't even know what I want wrath but I have to do present myself to the world in some. And now this is the Internet at age but it could happen. Act swiftly yeah it's getting more scorn you because they can even obvious that he did he target. Yeah ID. Exactly that's I was drawn to is watching kids tried to express themselves in the sort of gulf between what they have in their head was coming out of their mouth. At a huge pressure you can tell we've young people express themselves. Is B like cultural standard of movies they want to sound like people in movies they want to sound like the young heroes they see movies giving perfectly worded voice overs that perfectly capture the narrative there. It's in the wake kids fall short of that I think ironically is worthy of the way they sort of failed to be a good movie in their own lives. Does that that's the weird thing about sort of all host John Hughes generations myself included is like. By the time we get toward first kiss we've seen first kisses fifty times and moved select what once what we get all the landmarks of our child of the gets them and we elect. Why isn't. Why the schools particularly what why why why is like over the and dusty and like. Or white with delicate seen this before but it's it's we. Heard a we've seen prom and culture so much. The veterans history and why the lighting crap. Yeah and that's enough hopefully if they don't you music and you're here Europe make a part of yourself and your own bad exactly that that that part we're by the cancer. Where he can find LT feature to play. It's. On the look upriver on line really disturbingly interviewed on some brown carpet event and some wrecks that are talking public upped it to something. Survivors is totally amazing and I was like I really hope that it can act as you really and a but the hundreds of kids for this role you know. And every other -- they would read it it felt like confident kid pretending to be forgotten if she was the only one that played it like a shy kid pretending to be open which is when it actually is you know shyness is an inactive. Being shy isn't curling up of the corner hiding it's actually trying to speak at every moment not being able to give the she took a character that Mike. Could on the service be very passive. And made her active which is you know the entire life but the story that did you feel like it's person and everyone think this quiet. And does nothing is actually in every moment pushing forward to try to change a life. Long as this eighth grade movie suggests stated in here. I wrote it we've. Were the years ago three and a half years ago. And then would return to it sort of every six months. Just like update that act like update the it's just like you know the culture sort of a just like milk. We wanted to late really does capture a moment in time. Metric generation. Generational he used to be 120 years now there Kinect when he week yet aired thrilling yet it did it's crazy it's like exactly like. We have vital we have the walkman but we a Twitter we it's after those are a a year apart. But but yet three or four years or so. Pistol and coming it was a it took awhile -- the money. You know I have to say that when I saw this movie totally annoyed because your first move it. If it. Shouldn't be that the hit. Which has its own large dip and you surprise yours now. Oh every day I'd like how it so good. Now I'm looking at them here York rate. Exactly wrote a song with what oh baht which is terrific about it you know again it's. Yeah I was swirling around that's up and no I mean really I feel like what I. If anyone knows about young people on the Internet if mean and the only people that know the Internet an enemy of the people but I'll be telling the story about which of the actual kid so I just felt like for my first thing like when each prided. Not stretch beyond myself a little too much and truly like. I think that if this film succeeds and if this film works well it works because of the kids in the actor's. And then all of a pretty good stuff. Yeah it's been nice Van Nuys but it it really is so much of them and that's not false humility that's just the truth like my jobless should just. I did a really good job picking kids and picking actors that's that's manipulated. The Dallas packed that it the you. It was view I've yeah I met and I would meet all the actors I would go meet all the extras one by one every Saturday and pre production and after the first Saturday about. Deathly sick literally shaking about a thirteen old hands about stuff. But I that kids like. Asked one girl gave a special talent and after several if this does one girls that I have eczema. Like a lot and another kid like eating a bell pepper like an apple it's like. Just get them in Lake County get these kids process I want this person to have exact Italy there like that was the whole point is that like. There. Qualified and I can ever write something for the extra is that get in the way their party are as you well at times like extras and day players and movies they come in there and their. They are actual kids English open a movie have to be in the movie. And they're playing video games like this in any of that how they would do it realized the whole thing would just like telling the kids like. Don't act we're just in the U late show me tell us what it means you know what it needs to be thirteen wean down so to show us. It they know you. Some of them did L scene knew me. But the people that know me I think more are high school college. Out of college age. Yeah which was nice some of them did but but not really they would know me from like mine have been made like mindedness. They would they would know that as a stand. That you're the vine guy and I'd be like I'm gonna. I'm had gone I'm gonna go hide it would have been a lot of guys you know you're the Eagles got a guy you would you know you. My mother son. I'm by the sudden baseball player eighth grade. Blue jays. Yeah the first time. I remember seeing you was when you did that video. Mile them things and yet that you have about right that was it it was like you need to express. All the comics subtlety of a sixteen. That yeah I really hate that I've. Overcome this bill that's for people who funniest person dismissed me. Know that they do some of the dead it's OK I would let there. I'm trying to find out where. This anxiety in the movie grew in Yale you know news when you were thirteen years now so I get a couch. Yet again to them that energy and Atlanta are. That's an arm when does it really start when did you realize it Ali's sort of physical manifestation. Sophomore year high school I was sort of a late bloomer as a sophomore year of high school I was like. In and out of a hospital with stomach problems thinking that I had a Boston hospital hospital. Popcorn I think popcorn and they get a lot of flack and popcorn closet if that. But. In and I thought I'd systemic issues and it wasn't until like ten years later wrote like oh I was just nervous the whole time. And then for I had a lot of performance anxiety performing and I sort of panic attacks on stage and that's sort of where Christian. And those like can you do when you have the impending content Dave do you keep going I would just keep going in power through Eddie kept. I was able to writing a book the in your head you're thinking I'm fallen apart yeah I'm tunnel vision short of breath and then but I also like within the confines of his stage show that I've written to the word. The very surreal out of body experience. But you know you get through it go you know you lose three pounds the waterway. Over the course. And it's here now Kiki ballot but they run the final out. Who is that guy that we see and appeared to you because there's one act one thing viewers where you. You're preparing to do a year and you said now I'm gonna receding tonight stayed for Oden yeah way which it. And use the word received received as it happened and I do not proceed. If Kyle. You are much higher up there on the inside level then the stage for so yeah yeah I think will pisses me as much as I can be on camera. And I think it's movie is truer to actually who I am you know like a I think people from like comedy. Steve this legally why a little bit. The people that know me expecting know that this is it for expression of what I had to sort of fit my. Thoughts and to like sort of Bosnia's sort of flashy that theoretical cynical ironic form I think my natural disposition is more. Genuine or emotional like this movie is. But manipulative break. You seem to me always in terms of what you get and it's in the movie to. Not one thing. And you know just like the whole way the movie he's the injured he can be like. The ends. Yes and then the next is but this helping. Yeah I I needed I shouldn't have it I do you yes it's that push and we'll have and then I'll. Yeah yeah I feel that wet field double blinded or contradictory for four. I just feel that is most. Ruda my subjective experience of the world he is it inconsistency. You know I'm not trying to juggled a loans in the movie. My day is totally consistent I wake up nervous my afternoon is boring in my night is terrified when you know whatever it is like. And that certainly it's what I feel like to be alive right now lake don't we feel like only go over those aboard the return in and were up and that like you know we're. Like nargis than the next moment and then overlap with our friends you know like. I think being alive especially in America right now is like having sixteen contradictory things going on your head at once. You're annoyed with the world your boy bored with the world your entertainment world it's so much of what your phone is your phone is the most boring entertaining singer's life right. Well that's it shouldn't because it used to be let but now it's kind of love bored yes it's the end yes I'd love this. Thing until I can't stand it anymore. Or I can't feel anything yeah I told that that exactly I think and that is what everyone's terrified like. He get he feel like expressing itself on the market like. Companies aren't scared of being hated they're scared of being ignored everywhere that's the fear is that you will not be paid attention to not be you'll be hated. Attention is accurate currency so are you being seen or you're not being that sort of the way and that's the currency for kids which is not a great currency because. Being seen is not necessarily good. And being. And having a little bit of alone time is now and that's about it either course while now. But I'm think you're what we're that's what you got if you're 27 now. So when you were thirteen. It wasn't quite the ways that no not at all so what will you do the yet lob and indifference. It encouraged its movement they. It was hard to get a different. The indifference was coming in waves. Your family you have said yes I older brother oldest sister. And you can. We use departed on YouTube that that was there an intervention or what they act. My mother was a little more concerned. I'm very funny family that's altering its they were all cool. My mother firstly what is this right but she Taylor. You know very very supportive. I was always have sort of a weird wacky kids but wasn't that surprised. In a argue bad fit. Siblings not real IQ are you like. Really yes the regional and your fans know. I mean I was edited like any sort artsy stuff their offers sports family. But they're very very funny I mean it's like not like an elegant black sheep or anything like my Fam is like. Bit of the they make me laugh harder than anybody in the world so it wouldn't get a lot from them any steals I have artistically I get from. Mike my. Family might it was very funny and witty well limit my mother's like sort of be punitive empathy so by get any of that. Any ability to see things and mostly it's certainly there. But mean that you did that you did you two things you did stand up you don't do it anymore no. Now though you're sort of leaving things behind. Media made it's almost like that whole thing about love and then I'm a little bored with it. Or I'm moving on with it. Is this can happen he uses them I'm going to go not cobble would. That that we would be the I don't think I'm it and right shoes he's particularly that fifth. I think he has moved in and you can really is. He'll today feel that if you work and that you started will meet the middle. There's nothing left. I mean and anything else you want it not that there I think that's sort of silly can I just like I think it's the entertainment industry where we'd love to multi hype and it's that Ehrlich I'm a writers directors whatever. And like a ship is alike and led the pacers slash blues slash emulate. I just think I'm I'd like to make stuff you know and and I'd like to write I think north of the writer I do offers a writer. And then you know I do think within it was it was sort of leading to this end up at a warehouse just to be some sort of like. Loser. Like them look at what I can do I do think with leaving the exit this movie is a show off. It isn't look what I can do again in a camera so laying forum. The rafters again to all of this it's it's very them as he me. It's very much about who is on screen yes it will guy in Baghdad that was I directives and stand at specials. Of people and that definitely plummeted you know that the best thing you can do. Is it just learned how to service the person on camera and that was the intention in his entire movie. Well we get bogged down with the logistics of the production which can be very very stressful a return of the monitor the office space. Oh right this is all I'm actually doing all I have to do with it and her via fan occurs either when she needs me. And it's why I can actually watch the movie and enjoy it stale because I don't see myself I don't see my hand my directorial hand. I just see her performance of the year own Cold War but don't heed the basically you. Moving things. I don't see my war I don't feel I see their work has to be actors work. That's why go to office. It's what will it but it just when I don't ego maniac but it's my selfishness and as a viewer what I like to watch I watch. Performances that's my favorite movies I'm of the performances. I love directing but I'm not like. I would and a million years rather see a great performance in. Portly films films then age twelve films film with a great performance I mean with a bat performance like. It's all about the actors it's all about the expressed humanity right. It's outs good. But is it you know because ego gets in there you know maybe your work yeah it's as. A Bo Burnham fail yeah I do I am not that I didn't have them scrub that I did keep that I did say little bolder type face come on. We kid. Well anyway. We you haven't been on this show before the kind of food. I don't know why well I've made a film and well you wouldn't hear the guns moma here become. Dignify those mediums but that if it real teeth and with just noted but did you always and in whom little bit of song. Let him with Wheeler song. We well you have to. Of course that with a blank there much it of course. I was I may be a little have a bring it won't agree why not let me you had irregular could wipe it. Grade right off my my how can I forget yeah I don't do it as the spoken word because that really is he needs as poetry yeah yeah. Malia and here I go again. My mind. We Milligan do. Next and I did he could basically you're the music that is look at me now happening in other words yes well I ever now. You actually it's scary how much you do now. This fire were than my all all just one look at it. And I can hear Valerie. It sees them if you keep your bow. If that's exactly look at that in fact that the living people given that we'll do that. And it is great it you it's now.

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{"id":56964360,"title":"'Eighth Grade' film hits home for teens and becomes eye-opener for parents ","duration":"19:17","description":"Bo Burnham appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' and talks about his critically-acclaimed film, 'Eighth Grade.'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/eighth-grade-film-hits-home-teens-eye-opener-56964360","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}