The Emmys prepares for a night of firsts

There will be no red carpet this year on one of television's biggest nights as viewers will experience a virtual edition of the Emmy Awards this Sunday.
2:53 | 09/19/20

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Transcript for The Emmys prepares for a night of firsts
No red carpet for the stars who usually glam it up for television's biggest night but we will get a chance to peek into their living rooms in an Emmy award like no other. Janai Norman is here with what we can expect. Good morning, janai. Good morning. This year's emmys will be less glitz and glamour, more couch and slippers. All the nominees this year will be at home, some dressed up, others dressed down, still waiting to see whether they'll win that coveted golden trophy. This morning, we're just one day away from TV's biggest night. It's the emmys like you've never seen before. Normally the final hours of the prime time Emmy awards are for the finishing touches, waiters practicing their choreographed champagne serving while others are rolling out the red carpet. But this year, it's a bit different. Hollywood's biggest stars won't be taking center stage from the staples center but rather from home. The television academy issuing cameras to each nominee sending 130 of them to 20 cities and ten countries, but one thing will be the same. Veteran host Jimmy Kimmel is back. Also think about just trying to zoom with your grandparents and now imagine that we've got 150 celebrities who are -- who haven't made themselves lunch in like 19 years, many of them are now trying to connect technically to an award show. Reporter: With covid-19 keeping many of us indoor, fans have plenty root for this year. There is a higher likelihood that people watching this will have seen the shows that they're talking about because we've had a lot of time to sit around and watch television. Reporter: So, who's going to win? We are everyone and we are invisible. Reporter: All eyes are on fan favorites like "Watchmen" and "Succession." Why don't you tell us about your mystery call. The phone call? Yeah, it was frank. He meant to call you. He wants to know if the plan to overthrow dad is still happening. Reporter: Of course, no one puts baby in a corner. Tomorrow's prime time show is the final night of the Emmy award season with notable winners like Maya Rudolph and brie Larson already claiming top spots at this year's creative arts ceremony. The emmys air tomorrow on ABC starting at 5:00 P.M. Eastern, 8:00 P.M. Eastern, 5:00 pacific but the party gets started before then. Join Eva, whit and I for a countdown to the emmys, our virtual preshow where we'll talk with nominees, take a look at who is likely to win the awards on, roku and wherever you can get the ABC news app. When the party really gets started. Oh, when we are together. Can I wear a tuxedo t-shirt. Ooh. I feel like this is the year. Maybe not. I don't know. Eva said it. I'm with Eva. If I have to wear a dress you're putting on at least some

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"There will be no red carpet this year on one of television's biggest nights as viewers will experience a virtual edition of the Emmy Awards this Sunday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73115292","title":"The Emmys prepares for a night of firsts","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/emmys-prepares-night-firsts-73115292"}