Eugene Levy on 'Schitt's Creek': 'It ended when it should've ended'

The actor talks to Peter Travers about the making of his Emmy-nominated series.
20:43 | 08/14/20

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Transcript for Eugene Levy on 'Schitt's Creek': 'It ended when it should've ended'
Hello everybody. And Peter Travers this is hot or where you what's happening in the Alter. And right now yes Eugene that. World is just growing. Awards and garlands and it's a fifty enemy nations should treat. I'm don't think you could go anywhere these days Eugene and you were saying we love you we love you. Well. Well. It's the worst things can happen. Okay worse things can happen and peoples I love you. Reaction to the show is. There. Sensational. And Canada title away last. Couple years in particular. The irony here is dead just went all this love is coming your way you in your Sunday and decided no. This the end. Assets imaginative and can't have too much of a good thing yet on it was. Boy it was actually the right you know in hindsight it was it was really the right decision because you know and we decided to land deal and others wooden roller release sheer. Would've been bad I would call that ends. Bob. And now it did and didn't like it should have ended it was just you know everything makes sense every story line. You know completed its. Just a beautiful way and now. Logic is that you do it television in the end. Well you're absolutely right I mean you know repute if you think of that back. Now their money should be made. And you're right. Now we probably could gone or another. Shoot three year however many years you know it's what I call the law diminishing returns you know it's you can't I mean how do we talk what happened this year we can't. Whatever. Reached this week again with. Fifteen Emmy nominations that was just my. So. And it'd just the right time you know go out. Each year and each season and is just an arm and on here and more real. And just exits are well armed. It it I a well you know I get a lot of credit to my son Dan I mean he really. Did a masterful job. Guiding this thing to it is final destination. You know we started the show. Load. Any intention was to make a great. Character comedy you know what he came to me the idea he said you now I want the same sensibility. As you know US. Head in order movie. Lovely character. I don't work and keeping trying to Rio and grounded. And I said well. You come to the right guy because that's that's all I believe in and that's all I know and that's all I do. Get your laughs through character and an end to everything he can't make. Characters as credible as possible you want to get to a point where your audience. Has an emotional investment. In the character and if that happens. Then you know. Out of the way in the first season. And realize that they're going to be there for awhile the rose family. And then the focus was on. Relationships. And Carriker and we settle for a bit without moving necessarily too much story but it. It's yes you your sound and co created this you know next year but he was shown. We'll teach you air and he demanded they Wear what goes on when you show runner easier story. I think I'm glad by the time by the time I I I handed the reins over to him which was I think it inning at third season. Listen I think shell. In the in the room and I was I was in the writers' room that urged. Two. Plus. Seasons. Something I did not necessarily enjoy because. I'm not used to a writer's room you know I mean all the writing I doubt in my career has in either on my own. For the most part on a CTV. I wrote on bio. And I would write with a our Paris. Or or another friend and my job temple wait a few things Rondo who like up and ship. But being in a room where everybody's contributing to how the story moves it was a little you know about settling never quite got rats on the now. Hit. And he was quite amazing in the room even in the very beginning. Trying to keep things on track and end taking it in a direction that ultimately crew would be the right direction. Experience for me shoe watched this growth. And watch how rapidly. He was developing into a great. Writer let alone what he was doing on camera. Right. Is also quite surprising. To me you know the whole experience. Was yeah was yet so sound. He gets. Their credit for this because he's done an amazing job for six years. Objects great instincts as a writer and some very guilty. Decisions as a producer. And where things are are right counseling dollars and also should. Yeah. Seen these kids. Set to become on it. There and EUU a what you did. Q power or what you really. Well I I well I certainly didn't courage. Com and I I deep down what was. Kind of happy about it because I understood it. But he you know in the beginning when they. I know they did shows in high school. Oh and. And in it went by the time they got to college university. Oh Dan went into kind of elm course and I thought well interesting out of anymore record and other great. And my daughter said she wanted to major in drama and eyes and really she sent wire he's across. And the shuttle is I've never heard you goal on on how much one. Year. And so she majored in drama and university and end we got to see her in her final year. In some production that was the only year Erin go see Dutch right. She was. Really. Really quite good and I would watcher work in her place in the Anez on watching her and I am thinking to myself. Why her performances on stage are. Are so right. Or camera. But. Then then my son gets job on MTV. Candidate isn't BJ when they started. In Toronto. Whatever. Eight years ago are now. And his work on camera was just in credible you know I mean what he was able to do it is his. It is improvising winging it you know personality coming through in a major way and that he started doing sketches and writing sketches doing it. We're really funny. And I knew that he had a great diaper. But nevertheless coming into Iraq half hour. Comedy. Character driven that's a whole different you know animal and I I. On the air. When he brought me this journal good idea. Barry bridge Shanle losing their money. End loan below pre. She yourself in Daniel. Me gotta. Little bit of your are now I think. He's got a little bit Meyer runs. Eyebrow ND. Yes there's there's another these did go around the country I think to be honest and everybody gets. Now I see I see my Weiss. End Daniel my wife is actually the funniest. Person in our family like it's great launch its creek. No not a professional that. Her she thinks funny she is on AG and compete with any of the funniest people I know in the business she's she's really funny and thank my son X she's also a very. Clear directs thinker. Barry black and white can make decisions that are tough. And you know there's kind of a you know and in order for clerics were there to clarity share. You know you she can be kind of blunt. You get to the point and Daniel has picked up. A lot of that you can see that in his work as a producer. That your life will become a show runner you know and maybe should employ. One yes well that this is true what are the and in hindsight what are the stakes. Her show. She wouldn't have. Amnesia I mean your not related by lefty Chad and apparently you might well be you know. How much. You're lives at. Well we we started were and so here we started. Are working together for the first time. In. Nine Shaheen seventy eat. Horror that was first time we're onstage to get her second city and then of course are television show. SE TV started a couple of years after it that in 1976. And we did that for seven years six years for character thing. And then a bunch of other things in movies and foreign movies with Chris Gibson. Couple. And I hope it. You know I guess it's because you're all Canadian. That you basically get along in. I don't know you have to be Canadian get a lot in Hollywood know and well I. I have to be honest it's. Every experience we've had a working out there has been a great experience but. It out by the same token. I've had some really wonderful experiences. In just about everything they may be one. Or two exceptions. But everything else Israeli and you're right can't you know I. If you're in the world of comedy. When comedy. Can't honestly have. A good time doing it. And it can't be fun for everybody it's something is not. Right well you're right that's the way shindig but from what I hear her talking to people is no age so good on you. And everybody on this show doing that which is such a Stanley and air but Atlanta episode. With. Really why is it had all that. It made us laugh but it had all that trying without being in America. But it's all right last achieved and (%expletive) That. Is. I don't know give me chills just thinking about it gave me the chills when I had to do it because you know I'm not. And you know every every time they say okay we're going anti. I just. I just go along Matty I just get a chance and everything so I'm looking at the car window and I seen Cameron is thinking is. I'm me I'm or veto that it is as. Serious. Now that was it was it was a it was a great to be honest I think the second last episode. For me was was a kind of a a more cheery hi episode they were both. Emotionally. Rich they were both very rich episodes and I guess because the last episode was closer. It's so beautifully dun. And have such great performances from Catherine. And her win. Well. Well hello every now but there. Are her wardrobe and hair and Mecca. But but Daniel and know what read like Patrick those those performances. Out does everything better ways was great. Rise. This the last episode really has the story lines wrapping up and I thought. I thought Sarah had some beautiful season that in that show where she saying goodbye to Alexis. Just rip my art. And Daniel and end yeah David and Stevie. Like I am Hampshire. Sitting on the car looking at the house when he's realized exactly what he got here. She's right now here honestly I was so blown away by by how brilliant it was. Balancing the emotional collapsed. And I am ended shears that he truly well because. This was Bob. One of the last shooting days ago you know it was. It was wrapping the season that under unions. You know a lot of the scenes that we did in the last couple shows that thing that I want to mention bad news. No depiction of war. No urged all you calling the show should create. That was not you know what that that didn't help. You know that there was like we were fighting an uphill battle that went. From the networks. Not to promoting where nobody could say it end. And yet. Had to be. You know he. All rear with what you were doing the few immediately will work and work with a known Elena. Oh yes oh absolutely because what happened without us there was they CDC honestly. Gave us hard line. They then there was no we never never had to go through now CPC. They they approved everything that they got at by the time. Outlines an scripts. And cuts got to CDC. We knew they were as good. As could be there was really nothing. Of gap year. And they they got that as well they they did get that they do you know what this is signed go ahead and for six years. We were able to do that show the way we wanted. You do it. Could you do that now on. Or any of the US networks. I don't think so. Did you keep anything Eugene. Lift from this. I kept a a menu. Realm the cap a truck now. Which I have there I can grab away. I and I care. A picture of the rose family. That was in our motel room. On the little lecture where little table that was in the road what I want it. First and foremost was the bill. That was in the bar hotel office that was on the in the reception desk. Right it never work when you hit it didn't rain. But when I went to get it after we ramp that sent. Somebody had taken. All you'll know why. Anybody would have wanted a bell doesn't work you did. But I don't even I had an end and I did. What. Who else what I'm the guy that made it didn't work. Yeah. So anyway but that's that's what I got the menus were. I called on the you know the ex member of the broad. There and used word we're of the greatest creation. Its range should get the beginnings. The show now. Overall living in this. And you guys coming from well living in this crummy motel. A couple of room. With each other in that world. Yeah he's betting. Yeah it's bitter it is honestly and I never quite. Put that together. So you just said in a way it was liking our team we were. You know living together for six years in. In that space and the funny thing. When we conceived of the family living in that. Mo howl that this would be the main set. A motel room. To you motel rooms. We not man what we hear this news is this a hold for an entire season. Well living in the same room I mean this this could be a terrible thing. And at the ends. Of the series. If we were all. Sobbing when we had to leave. Hotel rooms. Because it it was oh. Show always ends in sol. Everybody just say it's a little bit of something and I thought and the endemic. That it would be re due little. Nixon Miki chase at the end of the rainbow Sheen we all need that is Ian. Now we. My god. You can do you know who where. Drew means. Has elicited. And Duchscherer. Who. Isn't news at the abandoned. Ring. Who'll. Nor Oprah issues. And I moves. Cool it. Wall yes. But it pilot and the Emmys which I wish you all the welcome. And I. Thank you theater isn't that they.

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