Explosive reaction to Michael Jackson documentary

Michael Jackson's estate is fighting back against "Leaving Neverland" both in court and by releasing one of Jackson's concerts on YouTube the same night as the documentary's debut.
4:49 | 03/05/19

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Transcript for Explosive reaction to Michael Jackson documentary
We are back with the explosion sieve reaction to that Michael Jackson documentary leaving leaving. It focus on two men who accuse him of abusing them when they were children and Chris Connelly joins us with more. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning. The documentary "Leaving neverland" has been gathering attention since January. Now that it's aired on HBO it's sparking conversation and strong opinions nationwide about the life and the legacy of the late Michael Jackson. Now comes the reaction and battle lines being drawn in the wake of the just aired HBO documentary "Leaving neverland" and its stunning explicitly detailed chronicle of alleged child sexual abuse by Michael Once the abuse started, within that first week, you know, every night that I was with him there was abuse while my mother was, you know, next door. Reporter: Choreographer wade Robson now 36 told the documentary he was 7 when Jackson first abused him. James safechuck, now 41 says he first met Jackson while shooting this soda commercial at age 10. Safechuck says after developing a friendship with the pop star Jackson abused him, again and again. In secret hideaways located throughout Jackson's neverland ranch and in hotel rooms on tour. At the same time, sexual relationship is growing, he's working on pushing you away from your parents or pushing you away from everybody else and it feels more like -- like it's just you and him. Reporter: Both idolized Jackson and claims even as the abuse continued Jackson befriended their unsuspecting mothers and families paying for travel, shopping sprees and gifts. I was really into jewelry and he would reward me with jewelry for doing sexual acts for him. Reporter: Safechuck says Jackson even put on a mock wedding in private and gave him this ring. It H a row of diamonds with a gold band. The wedding ring. It's hard to go back to that moment. Reporter: When sexual misconduct allegations surfaced against Jackson in 1993, each would testify on his behalf saying he never molested or touched them inappropriately. Robison doing so again in 2005 prior to Jackson's acquittal on child abuse charges. They both now say they were not being truthful then and that it was years later after they became fathers themselves that they decided to Sha their stories. Both sued the Jackson estate. Four years after Jackson's death. The lawsuits dismissed on technical grounds. They are appealing. Dan reed is the director of "Leaving neverland." That realization that your relationship with your abuser was not a good thing typically comes very late in life for victims of sexual abuse and that is why wade began to change. Reporter: Monday night Oprah Winfrey bringing safechuck and Robison together along with reed before an audience of sexual abuse survivors. Can you explain to people why you want to continue the association if you have been abused? I had no understanding of it being abuse, you know, I loved anything that Michael did was right to me. For so many years. Reporter: Meanwhile the Michael Jackson estate is fighting back in a court brief and in the court of public opinion. Releasing one of the entertainers concerts on YouTube on the same night as "Leaving neverland's" debut and with a lawsuit against HBO a statement from Howard Weitzman reading in part, HBO chose to fund and produce a film where they knew the two subjects had for many years testified under oath and told family, friends and law enforcement that Mr. Jackson did not inappropriate to either of them. And from the Jackson family, in part, Michael Jackson is our brother and son. Michael is not here to defend himself, otherwise, these allegations would not have been made. That Jackson family statement going on to say, the facts don't people do. Michael Jackson was and will always be 100% innocent of these false allegations. Guys. Boy, it is raising so many questions. Thanks very much. "Leaving neverland" is currently airing on HBO.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"Michael Jackson's estate is fighting back against \"Leaving Neverland\" both in court and by releasing one of Jackson's concerts on YouTube the same night as the documentary's debut.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61475592","title":"Explosive reaction to Michael Jackson documentary","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/explosive-reaction-michael-jackson-documentary-61475592"}