‘Frozen 2’: Acclaimed songwriting duo share musical inspirations in new podcast

Award-winning songwriters Kristen and Bobby Lopez talk about their songwriting process in the film sequel in a new ABC Audio podcast, “Inside Frozen 2.”
45:28 | 11/20/19

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Transcript for ‘Frozen 2’: Acclaimed songwriting duo share musical inspirations in new podcast
We do this just just begin. By introducing people to view because. Even know you are. I'll leave that. Giant only talented couple I feel like you're names just don't get sent enough can we just go for it and say anything at Princeton and body. Hey Diane I hand hygiene Jersey we are Seles so excited to do this because. Obviously frozen. Is all about the music. And frozen too is all about the music. It is yeah. And I had a candidate. It's an adventure I mean it is like it's packed with so much wonderful story telling in the music it's just a part of it that. And we're not even the only eat music. Writers haven't there's another composer of it tells the story through score and mom and we are read just the song which is a part of. We absolutely. Love the way that everything has a collaboration unless. So it isn't really just about the music because from the very very beginning. Com we all sat around a table when when we realize it's like OK it's going to be we're gonna try and do this again. It was Jennifer Leahy the two ace Chris Spock Peter del that go. Mark Smith the head of story. Anti McDougal who is who is has seeker it mastermind behind the music keys executive vice. He's the executive something and we know calls digital music we never knows title. Anyway it immediately all sat around a table as a head. Rule wire we do it why do you present to you and there's no reason to do it unless there's really something we need to say. And we kind of all its dug deep. Along with Jennifer Leigh and there were questions there were a lot of reasons to do it and there were still things to sing about him because the problem went. The musical as he need to make sure your characters. Have a motion and questions that are so big that they can't speak it anymore and it just has to come out in song. And and we looked dead the first one and an honor had had her happy ending she had everything she won it seat the door was open and her sister was there. She had. The looking like a pretty hunky cute boyfriend. She has all off. They've got spend theirs is happy family. Is. It doesn't really happy. Is she really glare soon the Hmong. And that was a question and that led us to say. That's explore that a little bed why does she have these powers. She really happy in there just decorating. With ice red hair the Israeli lever profit maybe not that the most natural place of closure and so that's where at this film takes its. And I loved BA getting he said when we came together and sat around a table. Was it really there that you said OK there has if present to awarded Janet frank and Jen and Chris call you and say we're gonna do frozen TO RU four. That's more how well. And of course Europe for a debate that we had to weigh in two and what's this about when we have to say you know it. Even though we aren't in a Disney employees we just kind of come in and write songs we have to own it T we have to feel it. We have to pass to come from somewhere inside of us and. Me we just commit their rights yeah. This the first two years. We knew we talked about the story all about the story before we break ground its own a single size and not only Ernie comes to you before an Adam well. If I really cute honest am Jennifer Leigh is like. Assistant US we've been writing for Annan announced since. Since winter of 2011 and Jen came time to work on frozen the movie after we did and sends them. There has not been a year that we have not been raining on a Nelson because after the movie we started reading the Broadway Show together. And so. Oh and we got kids in the same name it she's got a Dyer a little bit older and my art two daughters. So we vacationed together and we have dinners together. And it will always a question. What do we want SA and with frozen TU. And then then it became official atoms and then that's enough pressure on a I will even that it's it unity say of course it's. Incredibly successful. But Disney animation had never had a musical. Sequel so this is the first Amy does not hire mind yes we only found that out. And at between three. That this was the first time they their redundant feature animation. Sequel that's a musical. Nearly headless in the relative in Lion King too but those are done by a different decision by and honestly I am neighborly and all those. And we'd we don't know too many musical sequels you know as a culture. And I think. The systematic it sounds give them and they must hate Manhattan it's an all the other Muppets and it is the end of the ring cycle you know Wagner springs Michael. But there aren't a lot and that cities where that was added passion I imagine I mean this is it's not just because its present to you. And it had all of I would say all of the world's children stay cricket. And Angela how do you even navigate at beginning and he said that you. Is there earlier that just came in right away that you thought this past NB. Their voice will I was the first. Abraham are you ready for it was there they explains this story to us. And we kind of we're talking about a fair for a year sound and certain things aren't to stick and one of the things was the mother queen it tuna. On an else's mother him. Knew about the past thirteen Weaver also writing for for the Broadway musicals so there was day. It was said dialogue happening between the Broadway musical and she we kept being mourned more interest in her because she really is a blank slate and that first army don't know. What she's thinking she barely says anything hidden and it turns out she's got some secrets. And she sort of sings them a lullaby. This was an idea against that she has all this information she wants to pass on but can't. She does it through this lullaby and that was the first only rhetoric and yes I'm gonna say and the yes and that. If elementary and everybody didn't really have it but I'm Andrea. And it's now or call a day I think I think the first move the first time that step in the movie might have been. But. But Atlanta's dance she had something to saint Allison but she eakins and it out right. There. We knew we were going. See you. House of the past coming back. And it. The way that she had to speak in code to else. I think she always thought that she was going to be very when the past came to visit Newton. Sadly she's not. By it. Through this side who she's left clues she's left a little road map for the entire movie and where the girls pack. And they can keep singing it and then remember. Yet the senate bill lullaby seems like okay that makes sense once he decided to lullaby and has the story land behind it. But a lot of people are thrilled to announce that Christophe has his moment. That Chris stuff has the sun. And then you see it and it's kind of Richard Marx kind of eighties ballot is that what you're going far is at lake. Bobby and I both love. Eighties music and do is that it was a time. That you could have huge emotions as a man and and Marie leasing about them if you think about all of those power ballads that. I'm Jill be saying and Chicago. Richard Marx all of those people. That that they were allowed I think this before her. Masculinity cut even more toxic food there was a time that McMahon could Wear tight pants and hand aches process seventies going into the eighties and read that's kind of that. Nationally in the seventies they sang and sweet soft tones and in the eighties they got loud and high heat and we wanted to sings and we wanted to write something for Jonathan Graf but really showed him off because we we had he's a good rhyme honey thanking him. I'm the W would be the first film doesn't have a good comfort. For Chris stuff and because it didn't really couldn't really fit one his character is really comic closed off at first and then. On as the one that brings him out and mrs. The moment after he's you know proposed serie a number of times and never goes welcomes she's always focused on also. And then in the middle of the lives he needed to very pig proposal together and it's it's really quite funny and she's not even. There seas seas. Left and without advancing to buy these sorts of question amen gosh. Is this is this even happening to see it and know exist anymore what is going. I'm groups who want but here's fugitive thing. Every sung and Lee rally. We find that we have to we have to find our way into will how to what does this mean how was this in our experience how does it resonate. With what we had to say and he and we did have a lot to say about Chris stuff and on his journey and the feeling of even if you love someone and you're so connected. Yeah there are times that you get lost in the would you get into the metaphorical. Enchanted forest. Where. You are not connecting and your not on the same periods. And that feeling and I think it's very universal for any couple that feeling of like. Of the first thing a punt that was weird and then another thing happens like well some of killing nine. And then if communication breaks down for whatever reason in this case as the metaphor of an enchanted forest. And venue really kind of go below what MI where am I how do I talk to them can I cannot talk to them. And that's sort of where on an else are in this opinion. All of them gal I mean on and Christopher. I he's rather. Find his inner romantic. And be able to express attack Herndon and it's not easy it's not easy for men then. Sometimes gets that squashed out of them or they never seem model that when they're growing up they don't see you know. Item that love expressed in that way even though they have an inside them and I think they actually do stuff for II really to that I was I was an introvert I was very you know like it was behind my piano that was the way kind of communicated and I have been on a journey to be. Name meant he was not a great communicators. And over we've been married we just celebrated our sixteen. Sixteenth anniversary that's. Basically sixteen to eighteen years. And at the beginning there would be times that I would Eric we'd be still connected and we were just go away. And I'd be like what just tap and and I I knew he could find his way back. But now we're much better I'm labeling that before before he goes blank in the TV screen as off that I can Gillick. Okay come back to me with where you what let's build the bridge. And I think that's gone out Crist. And his looks and naked and did that ray is that music does help that beginning of the communication Sherry tell me of Renton an eighties ballot for your wife. Yeah. It just unreleased. You know. The MB minus yeah I didn't answer in what a great idea we didn't have we did have eighties LB wrote for another project comes grafts which China are song and a dance. I think. Is really about. That's it to do that and it's even higher than in the English speaking of lake in an animated film as always layers sent to what the different parts of the audience can understand it feel like Allen is very directed. It that this kind of demo and age group right I mean it works for everybody but I sure your kids couldn't couldn't possibly understand the the pain in the eyes I think of my hope is that karaoke. Bars all over the world yeah. There are men feeling their feeling and empowered to feel their feelings. And maybe he'll go in the seeing this giant karaoke. They'll let out those strong feelings and then they'll pick out pick up their cell phone and violence that we need to may have. How how did you see his sixteen years later the process have you to working together and I'm sure it wasn't from the very very I know that you met in within it but. How has it changed but how does the process I know that there's very simple you rightly or it's he right now Melanie are where. Both sides this clay samples that we need to definitely overlap the last segment lyrics he writes music and I uneasily behind piano diet and yes he can play the piano and I can play the flute and and harmonica. And and means remembering the truly in the US and Asia how has that process evolved. Well is an interest and that the body knew what he wanted to do when he was eleven. An Iowa is I was a kid who'd. Who created musicals and put them on in my backyard and started now meant directed diamond design them and I'm but the narrative that I downloaded I think because there weren't many email creators. Was that I was an actress who so I was lost in my own woods for awhile. Being very mediocre musical theater actress in my twenty's and he and writing lyrics backstage for fun and I would rewrite and I would write these rhyming birthday cards and only 27 and did I realize. I'm layer sensed someone told me hours a lyricist and an innocent but it went went in with that can happen but I didn't and they're like there's this free workshop and where you can go and learn and that's where and that body from so Bobby who had known what he is gonna do since he was eleven and I was way ahead of me at that moment and I was just learning hunter and musicals when we met. And that's said the by the time we started working together. I a heat PRD won a Tony it remains ahead. But I have learned so much from you I mean seniors so much about story and so much about. You know the overview the theme and relieved communicating with an audience. And even though I had more technical knowledge she really helped my first project along helped me win the Tony. We had our heart and match and I are sure absolutely and she helped me get in touch of my own feelings ordinances. She's amazing and I would say that even though you know. Even beat I kind of looked at her as the junior partner first view and I didn't may be believe in. Her as much as I'd probably should've. And the took frozen one. The success of that to turn me around and make me realize like I am really lucky to be working her she is so who. So fresh so pitches so much to say that I don't that I don't have inside me you know that is something to say that the world needs here. And. He's gearing up yet on honeymoon is uninspiring highest NAC don't write the ballot I think about it and I press. That's that's in a very nice whats funny is that. And I I didn't know that on some level poppy. Tested his got a lot when we first started working with each other and sale without amendments that sometimes. We had to get into a big fight for me to be heard we would get a lid it it could get contentious and leisure. Because that two people passionate about what senator Monterrey an insane and there is passionately than I mean you have that's the difficult part is I love working with has been McDonough affordable once it. Affecting that's and yet you know make what ends up coming out of it usually beautiful but there has to be a journey for you. Along the way yeah as it's funny because we Wear little competitive TU it was always like. Who's getting a good idea first so that it's there idea right and that I would say that was in the first five years of us working together. At the same kindly also were completely sleep deprived because we had very young children. How we held it together during those years I don't now there's hard. I think I think because. When it started to work it would sell its fun. Whence we could get past. Pastor of late for the first idea then and get on the same page that's when it really started becoming a really fun thank. Tickets until it almost like an improper and here we in the flow and she's saying something and its spark something in me and I say something and have been piano. Davis and you know you almost don't even beat its because you're not paying attention but the song to threaten its it's something that happens and in a flow of energy how to. As well howdy and stop that flow like how do you let someone take a song away from you when you probably want to lake. Tinker with that forever and is it doesn't really come down to that you know one aside is done I am. Well silly in our process there is there's the flow and we kind of there's always them moment of like. Things start to flow and now might be they'd get them first in a chorus and he. And then be Kana. Get hungry confused and and it your Catholic let's stop for a second sometimes it. Every song is different sometimes it'll really be like will go into a trance for 24 hours. And and that all will be thinking about and all will be doing while also like cowering in a feeder Tilley hat and got to put them down but our brains are still going. And on the outside and we moved from you know a pad of paper in the piano at some points and Samsung isn't finished yet we moved to the computer and me -- making and demo. Have sometimes we're only halfway through reading it by the time we start the demo. And that's really fun because flick. I don't know if you're like me. And then eighty's Suisse have a taper corridor and that was like I would have played eight and we would just do radio shows and you know saying fake commercials into the tape recorder. And and that's basically what we get to do as grownups all the time is is just blows my presence there to let out of this school are because there's so many great times what was the easiest and what came tea at the crickets. Well. Allowed sign. Allow some was hard to find for very long time the middle of this movie we knew the beginning. When you the end I think Jennifer Leahy. Who is a brilliant genius. Had. All of these huge ideas that we had talked about and she was containing. This giant. The react. Ickes came down movie in her head and allowing for all of the possibilities. That's what's so great and why her movies are fantastic because her brain can allow for all those. Impossible or all the possibilities and hold the mall the rest of us were like low I don't gently ask. I'm a and and yet we knew we needed and all of a loss sighing in act two and so. We are under a lot of pressure and IA does is skating rink in Prospect Park where we live. And near Park Slope. And I would go on Tuesday mornings when nobody was there and I would just skate for an hour to scan a blow off steam. And I was a skating around. And I was thinking about how much cash like none of this makes sense right now it's all so scary. But I have to test the process I know. In three months or five months or nine months. This is all gonna be okay this is all gonna make sense and I went. Through and I ran up to the guy who rents a Seagates. And ethnic Karen viral peace he ran a pentium appease their Merck's I was only Hanley and my winter coat. And I'm I started raining though lyric flared this law makes sense when my older and I would skate a literal bit. And then or go over to the side to the railing and start and greater rhyme Nowitzki a little bit more and then they came back and I was like. Here's a love song. And dumb and Bobby instantly sort of painted into I put my piano on us on a sled. And followed her around I think that is still frozen of both of our I notice first a scholar ahead your daughter's and it Katie in any added back. Now another in this one that they they did help us out they acquitted a lot of scratched vote scratched dialogue for a little on and little else of as a flashback scene beginning in the movie that has them and Christen was the scratch vote. Scratch but I don't Regina and I'm and so it was nice for a little while I got to see that it's very touching. Seen in the beginning of their their voices it was a sweet thing. But they'd they'd tell you is here if they like it or not owning land where there any songs of the ones that did not get. Entered in that they were the ones that said no way this can't happen our. Faces at nine I mean and well the ones that have gotten tied to try and answer it's thinkers. It's twenty deplorable. And there are no no sums it got cut that they were like now but. The songs that are American use you can. Vesta shared that our children were the first people that heard herd them were heard even snippets of them even knew we come home and be like. This. And they were they're actually quite dedicating feedback now. I really like this but you need to tell us more patents. Didn't they have to sign something had to keeping the secrets like if I was if I was. At a ten hour fourteen year old and a tell you right now everything would be to my friends that I. Would not of unsafe. And I don't think that till than billions meant to be weaker and weaker growth. I think they knew that it was important in line yeah I think maybe we have till of them that. It's a if they share semi secret and they get out we can be sued for where where. And I. Maybe it would have been better. And speaking of that the film's gravity because there is a lot when you and you mentioned at the peak in the trash and and this is something that we spoke about 100 23 and I loved that you gave me so much information by the way. That would cast came and they relate to hear it and like no no it's okay we can talk about the as the Lopez's till. I now we're in trouble that was wonderful fun but we knew that there had to be something as epic and athletic. And sells for this film that is entity and now. And a mean. The new guys and wouldn't you want answered and you know so funny because I I was dreaming of for the press junket we're gonna and a little jar on the piano. Every reporter who comes in and says. Is there Atlantic I economic gonna say you have to put an excellent idea cigar after. The accident differently yeah you do if you did accepting a dad now you did it so nicely. And that she is. Now then. People are starting to see that movie we are getting on feedback that possibly there's not one but to kill that's another thing I would of added on has. And an excellent. But again it's and sorry it's never Lester. I mean it and you don't want it to be letting it and. Glue. And was always a song that worked in the story that we use that we are very proud of and it was the the reaction to it that turn it into this phenomenon that. You know we implant for and we have no control over and you know we still have yet to seat at this but this these songs. Will do as far as audience reaction when that's something that. That day surprise us that that's what we're waiting to find you know we'd love to have another hit but what we really need to do is tell. A story and and that's. That's that's the joy of our process that's what takes a long that's why we work so hard. And we would love to to make something. You know classic that lives forever but need you can't Renault on charges. It could've just as easily be. All lots song. I mean that Kelly and I mean really it's whatever resonates that's what ever resonates in the and that's an interesting place that we are right here as were recording this pie cast is I was just telling friends. That I had this blow through drama and anxiety and I realized. It is because this is the part where we. Let them this is where we say of we did our bashed. I come here you go or around yeah now and now the dance begins between what we did and how you receive it is and that really. Is the beauty and the terrifying thing of about what we do. Is that it's not done until you're in a collaboration with your audience and you're in the collaboration. With. The little girls the teenagers. Senior citizens' who hopefully we'll. All sees something about their lives up there and here's something in the songs Newton when you when you saw. An and heard a dean is saying and heard. In out. All of the characters bring it to life today it did it take on anything different for you each of the suns. Is there one that kind of US while it's even better than I anticipated or. I mean. Into the unknown is it's different from let it go in that it's the I want song she's the main protagonist of the story. And she is the one that's telling the audience basically. And sees it she's not even singing to the audience has nothing to herself ceasing to this other voice that she doesn't even know who it is or what it means. But she knows that it's calling her for she's very. She's reacting against that she's resisting it and then by the end of the song she can't deny. That a big part of her wants to follow it and that's what the rest of the movie is about returning to follow this and fines. Voice and figure out what we are it is pitching is to be. On and so that's a positive. Message and that's a positive. Song. It's joy there's there's all this discovery of a of the part of herself that's that we don't know yet and that was what was so exciting and in in the dean is voice. In the the chorus of the song that's where you hear embassy here this. It's incredible passion that's being unleashed in the moment. Is it okay if I interact and yes on eight at a dean effort secondhand because it's. Idea to work with the idea we always talk about Perez like working with a stradivarius. Figured given in this instrument. Unlike any in the world. And we've learned debts. Sometimes Dina superpower is how vulnerable she can be. Down loan when you have her sort of very intimate with the Mike. I'm singing down low kind of things that she's never spoken to herself before. And then as you bring her hired. You finest power which isn't really. What else is all about Ellis eight and Tina really is Allison in a lot of ways because. She has the superpower and its ability to do things that you're like don't know what to do business. I am but she also this sign into the unknown is up out. Intuition and following. Your intuition even when you now. It may not be what everyone wants for you. And I Dina is the most intuitive performer in the world you dean there's there's times when we'll get into the studio with her. And we just realized he we just can't let her follow her intuition and she can maybe hit a moment where she's. Doubting herself. And Nancy you kids watch her kind of go can have a second cousins at the stairwell. And she does sound like she'll start doing some localization and and you can just tell that she centering herself. And then she'll come in. And she will blow us all go away. And proceed until Arizona stairwell exactly I noted I know that scene. I know that she's able to. Take a second and ground herself and ground herself and her own. Trust her own power. And which is really I think what this whole movie is about is is also learning to listen to her around our. And I think that sweat at Dina does in the studio and every time we have the great privilege to work with her. If. You know I'm thinking about the headlines that is over an older when let for let it go you're below is quoted as saying that the you know watching the bash threaten drinking a glass of wine. I. Imagine that's not what she was. In that moment at the out of deeper into the unknown to you have a similar and it's something that you that you attribute to the title. I've you know I think every one has. When has those moments. That life has gotten too easy. That you wake up and you like ten man. And that's usually in a moment that a little window opens. That's calling you to something else and again I'll I'll a look at mind when east and the moment that I was very. Note leading a life as an actress in New York. Let me great I was attempting a lot I was playing a lot of nuns in New Hampshire. And I knew something needed to change but in order to make that change. I hats you really take a risk. And I had to do something different than what I had been doing I I also had to leave the relationship I was in was another actor. And and there would. There was like the first baby step I tend toward rating assigned for cabaret am I was doing and then there was the baby step of applying. It's you this workshop. And and getting in. And then there was the baby step of like raining that first sign and then there was the baby step of being brave enough to perform them first on. And that was a moment that I felt like. Blue moon. Though the skies have just parted and I just figured out where I am lying where my purpose in life. And my love of theater and storytelling has found its place. And it's so interesting because three weeks later. And that my husband. The window was open window was up and he came in good that would sounds a little preview. At the thought I. And that Mexico now but. I know that Oscar consideration sorry but to have thought about it because Alaska has regulations years later and that and that way. And we knew there is no weights and right. Or Natalie it's kind of the same at the audience but it's not because it's you know not just the audience driving which song they like are not. But do you think about is that in year processed. At all. Is nine the most helpful way to go about it and that can't do that like saying I'm gonna be an near times bestselling author and here's why but it's same time you wanna manifest great things and you want in a month at film to do well and you know about us getting to go to the Oscars. Is is an amazing. It's an amazing party in it to me an amazing thing to be a part of and now we're both academy members. And take that responsibility very seriously am especially because and it. Can give opportunities to people who have a legitimate voices that haven't been represented this. It's an exciting time to be an academy member. That's sad. That is like the lat that's icing on the cake but they're that the fifth when you're reading assigned you're just thinking like. How do I buy flour. I had a where does sugar come from. And years. That's when a wave basic foundations of the cake and that the that makes cents and I wouldn't think that but at the same town would be hard to not feel that way and that's part of I'm Sharon. In a year he had that beautiful cake and you know the cake is has been baked but there's like that and that Dell Heston you still want it to be even better than the last one and aggravate it taste didn't say yes this. Yeah it definitely. But. Well we have learned because we've been songwriters now and I've been a songwriter for 21 years obvious the most on writer for. There's 37 of them or something. Bet you every time you writers on you have to go to begin in mind and there's just no way around it there's no just because you wrote one really grates on. It doesn't. You'd don't. Take out with you you don't take that other signed into the next on what you do you take with you is learning. Oh how have they really stopped myself in the past. One way to stop yourself it's and let your ego. Can eat what you're going to say. I did a radio rant award Mexican made a really. Freeze yourself up. And also not write a song that's gonna resonate with anybody. And the best way to to start a time. Is to play and for me and that's what's so great about where we are now in our collaboration. And we just have a safety now and and sometimes I'll get. It's a spark of inspiration not to Bramlet and just. And in my real Amram pigeon has. I am and sometimes bodies will be in his boxers like with remember me he was he was in his boxers and we had a piano in our kitchen at the time. I'm and he was just playing this beautiful Melanie. And remember me came out and and I was like give me that gives you that I'm my of iPhone and I take it on the train and I wrote the lyric to it like sometimes. He's got to wait and be open and and it's usually in them moments that your in the shower on the toilet or in your boxers. In your back says yeah. Sorry that's an but that anybody's mind at. I'm running at a slightly like to hear though we like when when someone's listening to this there's such a huge fan of both of beyond it and your work they want to note those. Those private home in sending that we want to be led end because. I don't want to put too much I knew but you in the late geniuses in this is not something everybody can sit down and do every day. As open as I can be a Kelly right now I played ten years of PM anomalies that I was technical and my brother was talented yams and I'm not the fact is. It may feature that not everybody can do it but I think a lot more people could do it if they believe that the man I do think so and that little town aspiring absolute is that anyone that doesn't think that doesn't see themselves represented doing it if they saw they believed if they face in in reached I think news. Many many teen. Books and paper and as they think she's that's that's that's something that other people do not mean not mine. What's also interesting and I just wrote this out for I am voted saying to young writers and it's going to be in some calendar and I remember there was a moment without first song. That I wrote a sign and it actually resonated and make people laugh and they cheered. And the subsequent signs kept realizing oh my gosh this saying that I've been doing with my brain my whole life. Is not something everyone else is am I am moved and remote piece and I think a lot of people. Don't realize that. There in their own brains having their own thoughts with their own dictionary and their own rhythms and their own melodies and their own experiences. And that. Is. A whole world that no one else has ever seen. And when you go to write something whether you're an author or composer or planter. You're taking that amazing world and just pouring tiny little bit of that fresh place. Into your art. And letting the world see that and that's it's in really that simple and it's really enough. Take that time pouring it out. And it's they air them. It's brash tech and which is saying and the day I was compact at thinking my county to timing practice makes perfect guests knowing eyes him. Peprah factions about it. Is there something within these signs that you look back you say. EB now since something I would think that there is a land mine I don't. In my mind that I don't like in some things never change. But I can tell you an hour and noon that's for others says law to guests I have that would prevent that but it's good to know that you still have those feelings even level guesses nine point. As you'll see the flaws sent to do in and I've been trying to work on sort of enjoying. Yeah eight you have to sort of let go of those of those Lindsay you know you're time is done and you don't get to redo anything. And I think to do the cool thing as Disney animation. Has put so much. Beauty incidents that we had never am. You know envisioned all the artists and the way it's rendered the way of the shots arts to scorch us through my character is there everything goes. Says eleven I mean it's just it's incredible and what they what they add to a we'd do and vice Versa I think that's been magic. I think this time around. We were able because it wasn't quite so new the first time around it was also knew it was like being shot out of a cannon. And figuring out what to do as we went this time around. I'm able to really. Take in and and be still grateful for what artist spring tunis and we get a lot of credit for these songs but the truth is. These signs are you know something we scratch on I am a page and then we put him into a demo and then. There are like 8000. People who make it what it isn't. Downs he would the people who help us comp together. The performance says in dupage. Ensued. I am orchestrator dean Metzger who is like the secret sauce of all frozen music who just makes it so I think. Down to the first person here does the story boards for you know into the unknown in decides. Here's what's happening when she sings that this is coming out of her hands and this is where she is and this is where the castle is in this is where in the water. Who's there that none of that is you none of that telling them no at all we give them suggestions you can only guess I aroused directions they usually ignore that I can because they come up with some pending better and that's what their job as their job ray and a and they plus it and then we go to the screening lake where going here tonight. And make we got to go to and alliance you have to and and just. I just dry up Patton with the way that they have last that we wrote and made it so much more alive and so much more universal and and so beautiful and that's when. That's when we just got only god I'm so grateful. That would be. Are given the opportunity to have this entire studio and artistic geniuses. Bring. Our son's life and that's all we're feeling right now one of gratitude and action Hassey have to and it it's still has to be Syria. That's this many years later. He still had this opportunity to tell these two girls stories and and the other people if and that the story line but it will. No matter what change people's lights I mean music changes people's lives. You think. He even if nothing about not Gary captain Nolan who picked up. That's him the the most amazing surprise working with Disney and and legacy of frozen has handled the letters we get the people we visit. Every time we go to a hospital I mean. There is there's always we we took our our daughter to. To a severe epilepsy wing we were worried that he was having seizures and she spent a couple of nights and me. And got to see these music therapists in the play room of the children's ward. And they didn't know we were there but they just started so they're like who wants to hear a song. And Simonsen let it go and all of a sudden they're singing let it go like it and then we walked up and introduce or Sosa that have. Teacher and she says you know he's don't know what you've done. This has given so much to so many kids that really need. Emotional support and it helps them fight through these and towns is so. We've also had people come up to us on the street and go. You don't know what you and a half I have yet to I've been listening to let it go and mind if I have. Twenty times a day or seven games. And we do get that cites a it does but the fan interaction has to be once they know lake you said it can go all different ways is there one other that sticks out TO not I. I guess. I turned my sites to a song that we that's at the very end of this movie. Dance. I spirit and it's called due the next street gang and and how to share the story I've I've cleared it with the director that I can tell this. I'm only doing the press junket for her frozen in line Chris. The director and is found lost his time. And had to fly home. Tragically. As awful and then when we knew her a couple years later. NG page who is the person who's the engineer who who puts together all the performances and is is our partner on everything we do for Disney. He also lost is as man. Tragically. And so to americorps team. Had the unimaginable. Nightmare happen to them. And me. We really. Looking hard and meditated on the strength that they show every single day. How do you. How. And hit the first sign that Afghanistan I thought the first time hero for frozen Q. Was actually that. With a song do the next right thing because. We realize that on would be the perfect person to show us what do you do when you've lost everything. How do you optimism. Optimism is is that a choice and it's not a choice to back I would be happy forever it's a choice to. Him and take a breath. And I'm going to sit up. And I'm nineteen. Let one fly down and it's gonna kill me and then and then another front. It's going to kill me and me be. I put take those steps. To the kitchen and make myself sandwiched. So I can make it through the next hour and I think where have sort of breaking down. Grief into that into those tiny choices in the next rate thing and when I wrote that sign. I definitely thought about those dark moments I've had in my own mind. And how did I get through them. And I'm hoping meant. This can acts if anyone's going to grief for feeling. That they just can't get out of bed that they this song can be a little prayer for them. And shine a little late. It sounds like that I imagine their response when you tell them that's. The news this kind of born of this idea. Actress always slim me when we did send him this congress we send the song's first atomic Dougal who's had a music and then he says go ahead and send it. Or some and he says. Go back not yes I have to hand in this case we we he wrote it we did the demo and we took a lot of care with the damn about it. I am. And literally feel the breath that you would feel February. This pulled down by the gravity of grief. And then we sent it to Chris and Jan. And we got the most beautiful letter back from press and Sally is Sally as his wife. And I can't I won't quota for verbatim by. She did say I am thank you for that some thinking you know writer Dan Simon banks he for an accident and for her. For speaking. Too that experience and and allowing us to put in for isn't. It's so beautiful and I can't wait it to be able to hear. You all. Sing to me. It's feeling this is just a great time to ask if you look at play and sing a little sewer. Inside Rosenstiel. A behind the scenes look at them. Offense and two from eighty feet and listen now for free on your favorite time NASDAQ. And C frozen to in theaters November 22 and frozen pond Disney plus.

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