Glenn Close's dog steals the spotlight at The Independent Spirit Awards

The actress won for her role in "The Wife" while Barry Jenkin's "If Beale Street Could Talk" topped the awards ceremony.
3:07 | 02/24/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Glenn Close's dog steals the spotlight at The Independent Spirit Awards
And welcome back to "Gma." Compared to the oscars, the atmosphere at the indie spirit awards is you could say, a bit more laid back. Yes, yes, but the competition is still pretty fierce and the results may foretell who will take home the statues tonight. ABC's Chris Connelly is in los Angeles. You look great with that staircase behind you. Reporter: Good morning, guys. Yes. I feel great too, and that staircase is about to look like a freeway rush hour filled with glitz and glamor. In fact, diamonds will be worn on this red carpet that is worth more than the budgets of some of the movies honored at the film independent spirit awards on Saturday. It's often seen as a harbinger of the oscars. If that's true, we might have a big surprise coming in best supporting actor. On a beach in Santa Monica, 45 minutes away from Dolby theater, the vibe is different at the independent spirit awards. Often a predictor for what's to come Oscar night. What's fun about this one? I'm here with my dog. That's fun. Do you want me to die in here? Reporter: No overlap with the spirits best feature nominations and oscars, but the difference? In best director, the oscars went for five guys. Not here. Three women directors are being recognized. Reporter: Such directors as "Private life's" Jenkins who got spirit nominated work from Thomason Mckenzie. We didn't need to be rescued. It was her idea for me not use my phone and kind of cut off social media. Reporter: And the show itself, the host. The network's first choice to host was no one, but they are already booked for tomorrow. Reporter: Despite all the academy jokes, three of four awards went to actors currently nominated for oscars. A sign of things to come? The independent spirit awards goes to Richard E. Grant. Reporter: Regina king still on a winner's roll. I am up here representing us. "If beale street could talk," this beautiful piece of art. Reporter: The film winning best feature and best director for Barry Jenkins. Women make up 4% of studio directors and yet 44% of competition at sundance. I cannot make a movie about women without women at the forefront. Reporter: And for best female lead -- Don't you dare. Glenn close. Reporter: Her dog on stage with her and stealing the show. What's better that that? Reporter: Best male lead went to Ethan Hawke and that's nominated for a screen nomination here tonight. Guys? Love the dog. That's all they could focus on was the dog. I was looking at her lovely pink suit as well. It was sparkly. If she can accept an awards with a dog, why can't I wear sweatpants? Here we go. You could have totally done it. This discussion in the few seconds we have.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"The actress won for her role in \"The Wife\" while Barry Jenkin's \"If Beale Street Could Talk\" topped the awards ceremony. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61272516","title":"Glenn Close's dog steals the spotlight at The Independent Spirit Awards","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/glenn-closes-dog-steals-spotlight-independent-spirit-awards-61272516"}