Highlights from 'Sweet Sixteen'

Top-seed Villanova beats West Virginia.
3:09 | 03/24/18

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Transcript for Highlights from 'Sweet Sixteen'
As we said why went from the sweet 16 to elite eight. March Madness rolling along. This time we're going to say we weren't surprised last night. I was surprised. At those victories. Were you surprised. I'm easily surprised. Tony Reali joins us. Just when you thought madness would consume all this is what Dan's bracket looked like. March sadness. Tidiness has been established. The favorites are here. Look at this. Reporter: Then there were eight after bracket busters left, right and center court in a tournament full of madness. The favorite strikeback. Villanova, Kansas, duke, restoring order. If your bracket isn't already busted beyond recognition. Stepback three. Reporter: With west Virginia's run coming to a bitter end in the sweet 16 round against the wildcats. The block party turning into a dunk fest. Kansas taking it back from Clemson. This game is over. Reporter: And duke squeezing past Syracuse overnight with a four-point win putting coach K into the ee legality eight for the 15th time. Evans' three. Reporter: With Texas Tech bouncing Purdue, red raiders heading to their first ever trip to the elite eight. Making last night a direct contrast to all the rest of this tournament has gone. Tonight with the final four on the line, three seeded Michigan versus nine seed Florida state. Kansas state to the elite eight. Reporter: And in the send irrell la bracket, number nine Kansas state and number 11 loyola-chicago. Honestly to be here in year four and we're in the elite eight, you know, we don't take these moments for granted. With their faithful companion sister Jean. We want to see that big "W" at the end of the game when the final buzzer goes off. Yeah, she's praying and her prayers have been working? They have. Loyola's 98-year-old chaplain. The question is, Tony, have they moved from sendcinderella to legitimate title holder. Amazingly, yes. I don't know if any of you went to catholic school, I'm under the impression it take twos miracles to become a saint. She's already working on three so I'm not saying anything. It's an incredible story for loyola-chicago and it's an incredible history for loyola-chicago. They won the whole title in 1963. Some younger and middle anded viewers are learning this right now. That team went on the court with four African-American starters. They were the first to confront the color barrier so this is a very rich history for loyola-chicago. They can beat anybody in any game, even if sister Jean picked against them now going forward in their bracket. Ah. She did before the tournament. She was hoping for the sweet 16. They were in the elite eight and now against Kansas state a match-up we've never seen nine versus 11. One is going to the final four, and we'll have to say good-bye to another. Who is she going to root for busting her own bracket. She's rooting for loyola-chicago. How dare you, Dan. Do not speak ill of sister Jean. I'm just asking the question. Tony. She wins either way. Thanks very much. The holy woman. Thanks, Tony. Enjoy the games.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"Top-seed Villanova beats West Virginia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53982061","title":"Highlights from 'Sweet Sixteen' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/highlights-sweet-sixteen-53982061"}