Jack Johnson and Paula Fuga perform ‘If Ever’

The two singers join “GMA” from Hawaii to perform the song from Fuga's second full-length album, 'Rain on Sunday.'
5:54 | 05/14/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jack Johnson and Paula Fuga perform ‘If Ever’
We are back now with a special duet, multiplatinum singer Jack Johnson and one of Hawaii's most acclaimed musician, Paula fuga, they're going to be performing the debut single off her upcoming album "Rain on Sunday" but first, good morning, very early morning, guys. Let's chat. Jack, I want to start with you. We've been celebrating your lovely state all morning long. You grew up there. You're still living there. Tell us how your fellow hawaiians have come together especially for small businesses there? Yeah, good morning. Aloha. I think, you know, one of the major things is brought to light how important our farmers are here in Hawaii. They're our heroes. 90% of our food is shipped in which is unfortunate already and during the pandemic, it really exposed how important our farmers are and people really came together, all of a sudden when the restaurants and hotels were shut down, even more, we really depended on our farmers and, you know, the people were unable to go shopping as easily so lots of farm box, csa boxes starred up. People started learning about their local farms even more. Family farmers and I think hopefully now that's kind of expanded where people are sticking with their local farmers and that's what we're really encouraging. Tell us also about your foundation. It supports environmental education and I know you have big news this morning. Yeah, we got a new headquarters. We're moving into a new home in holly Eva, the area where Paula and I live and try to connect kids to food at a young age, get them in gardens, field trips to farms, just get them to the places where they don't think they're learning and that's when the learning happens the most and once you kind of plant that little seed about where their food is coming from, not just the grocery store but from the farms, from the Ina, then they do the rest. They make all those connections and so I'm excited for the future. Paula, you two are longtime buddies. You met almost 20 years ago at a kickball tournament so what does it feel like to be collaborating with this guy? Well, jack is like one of the most kindest and most decent human beings you will ever meet, you know. He's just such a humble person and I just feel really lucky and blessed that he saw me singing at that kickball tournament while he was playing kickball and sort of taking me under his wing and now I'm signed to his label brush fire records and it just feels so, so wonderful, you know, to be able to collaborate with someone like jack who is just an upstanding human being first and foremost for me, you know. I just love him so much so thank you so much, jack. You made me stop. What is that? Still win the tournament, jack? We're glad you both went to that kickball tournament from her upcoming second album "Rain on Sunday" here is Paula fuga and Jack Johnson forming "If ever" and highlighting some of the small businesses in Hawaii. Take it away, guys. if ever, if ever I could see you again, mm-hmm if ever, if ever I could see you again, mm-hmm won't you take me back to where we used to play hang on every word, hang on every moment I know you're in between now and I know you can't stay give me one more rising sun, just one more setting moment it felt so bright, I had to turn away turn back around and the moment had been stolen you make magic out of nothing, you make my fears go away but who will make the words or find the answers for them

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"The two singers join “GMA” from Hawaii to perform the song from Fuga's second full-length album, 'Rain on Sunday.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77685380","title":"Jack Johnson and Paula Fuga perform ‘If Ever’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jack-johnson-paula-fuga-perform-77685380"}