Josh Lucas on a dream 'Sweet Home Alabama' sequel

The star of the new movie "Breakthrough" talks his classic rom-com and more, live on "GMA."
6:54 | 04/17/19

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Transcript for Josh Lucas on a dream 'Sweet Home Alabama' sequel
Amy's teen crush in "Sweet home Alabama." Thanks for telling him, George, he can hear you. Please welcome Josh Lucas. ��� Sweet home Alabama ��� here, there? Anywhere you like. Anywhere you like. I have my own notes here. Yes. We'll talk "Breakthrough." In a moment. You're a dad in real life. You're a coach now. I'm the coach of the fighting flounders on pure 6. The Brooklyn conservation league. It shoots out into the east river, all of New York City in the background there. We were undefeated until a couple of days ago. Your son is 6. That's really important. He's 6. The only person on the team who noticed we lost. Nobody else really did. But it's a pretty amazing place to coach and also to be a coach of a 6-year-old team. Nothing but joy for me. That's at will of fun. Speaking of joy, "Sweet home Alabama" brings me a lot of it. Superfans out there, it's been -- how many years? 16 years now. Oh, my gosh. We heard possibly there could be a sequel, can you share, shed any light? I think I've absolutely said yes. The director who I did just another movie with, we just did a movie with Katie Holmes coming out later in the year. We discussed it extensively. We're lobbying the world to join us. Yes. Right now. Anyone who's noticed Reese is quite busy these day and she's got a few projects on her plate. Where do you think your character jack and Reese's character Melanie would be today? I don't know. The proposal the director had which was quite interesting, my character is back in Alabama. Reese's character actually is in New York with our kids and we're divorced. So the whole life is supercomplicated. You're going to win her back, right? Patrick Dempsey's character ask sill in the picture. Oh, my good zmrns that's just a proposal. That's a pretty good pitch. My favorite line, who brings a baby to a bar? "Breakthrough" is out today. A film that people should see. It had such deep meaning. You play a father, your child looks like it is not going to make it. The power of prayer. Talk about being on set for that. An extraordinary true story that happened a few years back. A 14-year-old boy was playing on the ice and he was underwater for 15 minutes. He was lifeless, no pulse, no nothing for 15 hours. They bring the mother into the room to say good-bye. She begins -- comes into the room refuses to believe that he's gone and so she starts praying and speaking to her god and his pulse comes back. Then, the story goes through what happened after that. The doctors say, a, no way he'll be able to survive this. She said no, my son is going to be completely fine. The story of what happens with the doctors and everybody but our relationship, even though I'm quite religious in the movie and in real life he was as well, he had a lot of doubts. It's a really remarkable story and a remarkable testament to faith and prayer and it's a fascinating fim M to say the least. Here's a little bit of that right now. Melissa thinks that everyone is waiting for John to die. It's just taking longer than they expected. What do you think. I'm sorry, but I think she's right. I can see it their faces and everyone's face. Except -- I believe god can heal our son completely. I know you do. Wow. As you said, it's a true story. You guys really stuck to a really strict time line. With this movie, anyone who's a faith-based people will go see we were sort of looking to honor in a way and have people come and look, this story is accurately told down to the filmmakers, this happened at this can exact moment. When people see the movie, they'll see there's a really strict code that we had to extent to tell the story. My son and I went to the premiere. We sat with Joyce Smith, the real mom and real son. They kept leaning back. This exactly what happened. This is exactly what happened. To the point where I had to be like, shh. You guys have seen the movie, I haven't. You know, I think part of the thing, the responsibility you have when you tell a true story if the people are still alive and around for them to be proud of the movie and they are -- they love the movie. You see it in them when you're around them. Also very accurate the basketball scenes because of the executive producer Steph curry and he was very much involved. We had the great Steph curry as -- he's the executive producer of the movie. It's his first movie executive producing. A lucky team of people here who brought a pretty beautiful piece of joyful cinema out there which I think a lot of us right now are searching for. Incredibly happy for you. From breakout from sweet home Alabama -- Staying in the game. So much more than that. So wonderful to see this. You have to see this. "B I have three kids, I work from home.

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{"duration":"6:54","description":"The star of the new movie \"Breakthrough\" talks his classic rom-com and more, live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62451527","title":"Josh Lucas on a dream 'Sweet Home Alabama' sequel","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/josh-lucas-discusses-inspirational-film-breakthrough-62451527"}