Justin Bieber hit with a lawsuit over an alleged scuffle at a Cleveland bar in 2016

The pop star is accused of punching a man after an NBA finals game.
4:33 | 06/10/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Justin Bieber hit with a lawsuit over an alleged scuffle at a Cleveland bar in 2016
They are. We start this half hour with Justin Bieber facing new legal headaches this morning stemming from a fight from two years ago. This happened an after NBA finals game. Bieber has been slapped with a lawsuit. Marci Gonzalez on the story. From our L.A. Bureau. Marci, good morning. Reporter: Hi, guys. Good morning. The plaintiff is asking for thousands of dollars, spelling out accusations that Bieber's manager calls disgusting lies. ??? Call me baby ??? Reporter: This morning, Justin Bieber facing a new legal battle. Hit with a lawsuit for this brawl at a Cleveland hotel caught on camera. The footage obtained by TMZ. Plaintiff Rodney cannon saying it started with Bieber taking his sunglasses after a 2016 NBA finals game. The lawsuit alleging that when cannon snapped a photo of Bieber wearing them, the singer suddenly became irate. Used racial epithets, demanded the photos be deleted and proceeded to punch cannon in the head, face, and body. Cannon, now asking for damages, claiming he continues to suffer from mental and physical pain. Bieber's manager, scooter Braun, taking to Twitter to call the accusations complealse. Adding -- this man should be ashamed of himself. Real racism exists. But it doesn't apply here. Braun says cannon has tried to push for money in the last several years. First case this afternoon is Justin Bieber. Reporter: The superstar has had brushes with the law before. In 2014, Bieber was convicted of misdemeanor vandalism. And took a plea deal in a DUI case. Bieber making no comment. Just last year, he posted this image to his own Instagram page with the hashtag never again. Bieber's manager admits Justin has done what he calls a lot of stupid things in his past. But says he has always apologized. He claims the latest allegation is a smear tactic to get money. Cannon's attorney tells us he has no comment. Dan and Paula, back to you. Marci, thank you. A lot of questions to be asked about this one. Let's bring in Dan Abrams. Thank you for coming in. On a Sunday morning. Good to see you guys. Great to see you. How strong is this case? There's a lot of allegations here I don't think go to the central point. He took my sunglasses. They were worth $500. He threatened me. That was an issue. The bottom line is the battery claim. Meaning he's claiming that Justin Bieber and then a security guard, effectively, for Bieber, punched him. Hit him. That's where the significant damages could come into play. But the question becomes, who is the aggressor? Was this a fight? Was the security guard protecting Bieber? Or was this Bieber and the security guard effectively attacking this guy? Those will become the critical E questions both in terms of liability and damages. Let's switch gears here. We want to talk about a project you have. You wrote a book called "Lincoln's last trial." The murder case that propelled him to the presidency. It's based on the only transcript that exists of any case that Lincoln argued. It's kind of hard to believe that there's only one transcript. He had a 25-year career as an attorney. And it's a fascinating murder trial. Self-defense. The reason it's the only transcript that ever existed of a Lincoln trial is because transcripts weren't made back then of trials. This was at the end of his career. Nine months before he got the Republican nomination. People had just started traps transcribing "Stuff." And when I say stuff, the person who transcribed this transcribed the lincoln-douglas debates for Lincoln. They had to create their own form of shorthand in order to do it. This was the only trial transcribed from beginning to end that Lincoln argued. It got found in a garage. In a garage of the great-grandson of the defendant in 1989. It's become a footnote of history. I couldn't believe that no one has really focused on this really compelling murder trial when we have Lincoln's own words. So we did that and created a book of it. Was he a good lawyer? He was great lawyer who knew how to bond with a jury. Most importantly, he knew what not the ask. He knew when to stop. He knew when to wait and let the skrurry understand what had just happened. And that was the real -- his art was this bonding with jurors. Dan, thank you very much. We can feel your passion, as Paula just said. Check out Dan's book, "Lincoln's last trial" the murder case that propelled him to the presidency. Thank you again, Dan.

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{"id":55784413,"title":"Justin Bieber hit with a lawsuit over an alleged scuffle at a Cleveland bar in 2016","duration":"4:33","description":"The pop star is accused of punching a man after an NBA finals game.","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/justin-bieber-hit-lawsuit-alleged-scuffle-cleveland-bar-55784413","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}