Katie Stevens, Meghann Fahy and Aisha Dee dish on 'The Bold Type'

The stars of the breakout show open up about what fans can expect from Season 2.
4:36 | 06/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Katie Stevens, Meghann Fahy and Aisha Dee dish on 'The Bold Type'
with the starsf freeform's H show "The bold type theylay close friends working at a popularagazine called "Scarlett." Let's take a look. Oh, my god, hi. Hey. Yous a in the fashion closet without me. Yes, we are. We have some thoughts about Richard. You'refroz. Hello. Can you see me? Jane, Jane. Nope. Go over in the corner, the service is better. Okay, we're coming. Hold on. Okay, is that better? No Super not. Well, they're close on screen, they're even closer in real . So happy to have Katie Stevens, Meghann Fahy aisha Dee here. You brought your parents here and love you're getting for the show you're doing. Yore clo on film but off camera you guys are best friends. Yeah, we're pretty tight. We like each other a little Thank goodness, right. Does that make it easier to be around to act and do all those things, does real life translate on to film. Yeah. Our writers ao allow us to improvise so a lot of the fun things that you on camera are kind of us bringin our friendship out through our characters. And I kno aisha, you're from Australia. I . Katie, you have an old Australian alter ego. I knew a was going to bring it up. My name is becca. Yeah, aisha says I do a pretty good job. Becca is from where. From Perth and they have a vineyard on margariver. Th's all I have. How do you jud that? How was she. I would say it's an 8 out O 10 whi is the highest I have give anyone who is not Australian ever. Right? 8 out of 10. Average. Because you got to get the lilt right lik everything is a questi Put a shrimp on the Barbie? That was so good. It was very good. What is your grade there? Iould say like 7 1/2. I don't want T -- I'm sorry. Doesn't want to hurt M feelings. Lso because we don't call them shrimp. We tall them raw that's why you got thealf a point off. Meghann, I'm looking at your dress and saying it is the Sam color as something you guys are obese with. Yo all are obsessed with bananas. How did this com about? Well, W all tell a different story. We don't really know. Ictually think that you and I tell the same story. Aisha's is different. We bout a banana in Canada and it traveled all the way here with us nobody was eating it but everybody was carrying it and with themort of became our mascot. Yeah. And, you all agree on that story because you do or you don't. I agree. I don't know what aisha's. I don't know. Was veryleep depved at the time. I remember TAKG a photo when it happened and posting it on Instagram and the caption I think you want to marry the banana because that was something that we thought was hilaris to say at the time. Better we don't ask question Yeah, we won't ask questions about that. You're ruining it now. You workt aagazine called "Scarlet" we'll have fun. I' read the headlines and I want you to tell me which it applies to. First one, lie down and exerci, workouts for lazy people. Who does that apply to most out of Aisha. Oh,eah, it's me. Aisha, that's for U. Hello. Tnk you so much. The next one, woman wears face mk to work, scares commuters. I think it could be either of us. I feel it's probably Katie. The last one and then we dermine. The lastone, yes, I love airplane food. Who is that. Airplane food. So that means thatt is you, Katie. Meghann, there you go. Yes. Oh, my goodness. I want thank you three for coming in. The show isng great. Coratulations on season two. Thank Yo for bringing your parents too. We really appreciate that? We couldn't be here without them. You wouldn't be here with them. That is 100% right. Season two of "The bold typ premieres at 8:00 7:00entral on freeform make sure to check it out and

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{"id":55834772,"title":"Katie Stevens, Meghann Fahy and Aisha Dee dish on 'The Bold Type' ","duration":"4:36","description":"The stars of the breakout show open up about what fans can expect from Season 2. ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/katie-stevens-meghann-fahy-aisha-dee-dish-bold-55834772","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}