Kristen Wiig opens up about her struggle with IVF

The "SNL" star struggled to get pregnant through IVF for three years before turning to surrogacy to have her twins.
2:56 | 08/10/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kristen Wiig opens up about her struggle with IVF
We'll turn to our "Gma" cover story. Kristen wiig opening up about her fertility struggle including three years of using ivf before turning to surrogacy to have her twins and talk to Dr. Jen Ashton about this but first here is her story. I feel relaxed and I'm reddy to party! She's one of Hollywood's funniest women. Her timing epic in "Bridesmaids." Ooh. Reporter: And this morning Kristen wiig is opening up about her journey through ivf and becoming the mother of twins. In the September issue of "Instyle" the 47-year-old saying emotionally, spiritually and medically it was probably the most difficult time in my life. I wasn't myself. There are so many emotions that go with it. There was a lot of stress and heartache. Adding that she found comfort in others going through the same issues. What helped me was reading about other women who went through it and talking to those who have gone through ivf and fertility stuff. It can be the most isolating experience. Even though the comedian is fiercely protect tiff about her privacy the experience revealed to her she was not alone saying, every time I said that I was going through ivf, I would meet someone who was either going through it, about to go through it or had a friend who just did it. It's like this underground community that's talked about but not talked about. Adding, I wish I had talked about it more and asked for more help. There's such a support system out there. Well, let's bring in Dr. Jen Ashton and, Dr. Jen, I think many couples who are going through ivf know it's going to be tough but a lot of people might believe it almost virtually guarantees a pregnancy and a live birth but that is not the case. It's absolutely not the case, Amy. And it's not the easy way out. Just according to the CDC in general, ivf yields about a 25% live birth rate and in terms of surrogacy 101, this is something the laws vary state to state. Luckily it is legal in the U.S. About 750 babies are born every year with the aid of a surrogate and it comes with a huge price tag, could be as high as $200,000 in some case. Wow. You're an ob/gyn and often have these conversations with your patients. What do you tell them to consider when or before they do ivf? Well, first that it is a marathon, not a sprint. You have to consider not just the physical tolls but the emotional ones. You have to consider the financial cost and people need to be reminded there are multiple paths to parenthood but as we heard in that piece so often there is shame involved like somehow this makes someone less of a woman. This is a medical condition. No stigma. No shame. Very important to remember. Dr. Jen, thank you. We appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"The \"SNL\" star struggled to get pregnant through IVF for three years before turning to surrogacy to have her twins.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72278443","title":"Kristen Wiig opens up about her struggle with IVF","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/kristen-wiig-opens-struggle-ivf-72278443"}