Liam Payne and J Balvin dish on viral music video

The multiplatinum stars speak out on "GMA" about their music collaborations and recent projects.
3:10 | 05/15/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Liam Payne and J Balvin dish on viral music video
kicked off our party in the park with their hit single "Familiar." This is a song that just gets stuck in your head. It really does and it brought you two together and I know, J, last week was your birthday, happy belated birthday. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. There's nothing -- there's nothing better than a bromance becausely wham posted this for you. Leap birthday to my brother J balvin at the top of his game right now. I'm so happy to be a part of your success. Brother, can't wait to see you in New York City, all love. Now we're here. Thank you. So how did this bromance start? It's very strange story but we have a mutual friend and we both came to a restaurant, the guy that does the salt thing and we had a pepper bay at our table which was quite funny. You have to watch out for that. There's many different types of Bae and that's it. Beautiful music together. He's a great guy. Like a brother from another mother. Oh. Very sentimental this morning. There's a lot -- That's kind of hard to tell you two apart right now. I'm telling you. It's working. It's working. It's something. You both have so much going on. You're working on a new album and you tked about the fact that you've been doing this since your early teens and talked about what it's like to be back on the stage now after taking a bit of a break. It's been amazing. I took a little bit of time for myself. I was planning on repeating my work to my son which is hilarious. It's nice. I miss being with the boys. That was so much fun. We love the boys. But I'm sure there's time for that to come back around and my thing is the more success we have on our own the more success we'll have together in the future because we're like the avengers. You're like the avengers. We're like the avengers. You Fant speedman he sorts it out and hulk says I'll sort this out. You've been busy and performed for the queen at the commonwealth day. And we have the royal wedding coming up. So I want to ask you, if you could perform at Harry and Meghan's wedding what song would you perform? I mean there might be something on my album but I don't think "Strip that down" or "Bedroom floor" would be appropriate for those moments. ?????? J, you got good music out as well dropping a new one at the end of the month. Yes. You'll be on tour in September. Number two Spotify global artist. Congrats. You said you've had some Jay-Z inspired you a little bit. Of course, I just met him at Coachella a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, you did. I was doing the show with Beyonce, thank god. Thank you to the queen. What's up, queen. Yeah, of course, I got inspired by Jay-Z and, you know, we on the way. We on the way. We're an up and coming artist. You're there, baby. You're there. Our crowd will say that you're more than up and coming. You are here, okay.

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{"id":55173102,"title":"Liam Payne and J Balvin dish on viral music video","duration":"3:10","description":"The multiplatinum stars speak out on \"GMA\" about their music collaborations and recent projects. ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/liam-payne-balvin-dish-viral-music-video-55173102","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}