Lin-Manuel Miranda shares 'Roseanne' sneak peek

The "Hamilton" creator makes a special "GMA" appearance to share the buzziest stories of the day in Pop News.
4:11 | 05/07/18

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Transcript for Lin-Manuel Miranda shares 'Roseanne' sneak peek
audience we have. You were getting into character. He's studying. Taking my job very seriously this morning. Lin-manuel Miranda, ladies and gentlemen. We can't wait. A host of things to talk to you about but you'll help us out with "Pop news." Aren't you, my friend? Yes, I am. We start with the "Pop news" exclusive. The "Roseanne" reboot is generating so much buzz taking on issues everyday Americans face. Here's a sneak peek of the episode which pokes fun of ordering on Amazon. They hate us. We don't hate you. We're scared of you. We're scared of you too. We have way more reason. How do you explain that fertilizer in your yard? That's because genius over here doesn't know every time you click on the Amazon order button, you're putting another 50-pound bag in the cart. That's an issue. Breaking news. It happens. I'll say it does happen. That one click. That's all it takes? One click and a prime and you have a lot of stuff. Next one, all right. "Deadpool 2," Ryan Reynolds and Josh brolin special guests with the host after watching the pros dance a little this happened. ?????? ??? I'm all of love ??? Lovely. ??? I'm so lost without you know -- go that looks comfortable. Taking a break after wiping out humidity for a little ballroom dance. We'll have the cast of "Deadpool 2." They'll be crashing "Gma" next week. Are we dancing? I don't know if we're going to dance but we'll see what kind of moves they bring and the movie hits theaters on may 18th. They'll be here next week. You can dance with them. I'd be happy to do that. Looks so fun. It looks great. We can't wait for this next one. This dog has a real case of the Mondays. Watch how he clearly loves being outside so much that when called back by her owner she hides behind a nearby flowerpot. Tasha, Tasha, where are you? Tasha. Tasha, where are you, Tasha? No way. Tasha. That's pretty good. Smart dog. Especially on Monday. Wait, there's more. But, wait, there's more. Finally I'm thrilled to be making my debut on animated series "Ducktales." Whoo! You have to do it. It's a pavlovian response. Gizmo duck. Here's a clip. At your beck and call. I heard everything, everything and happy to prove my worth by aiding Mr. Mcquack. The doctor is working on an innovation to better all mankind literally and figuratively. Behold. Upgrading passcode. That is not ready yet. Great series. And has the hair. Got the hair. I can still can't believe it's real. I grew occupien the Disney afternoon and "Ducktales" and "Tailspin" -- Great job. Don't miss lin-manuel's debut on "Ducktales" this Friday 8:00 P.M. On Disney -- that's what we call a plug. "Pop news" natural down there. Got into character and everything. Thank you so much. Now we go to our "Gma" cover

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"The \"Hamilton\" creator makes a special \"GMA\" appearance to share the buzziest stories of the day in Pop News. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54983796","title":"Lin-Manuel Miranda shares 'Roseanne' sneak peek ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/lin-manuel-miranda-shares-roseanne-sneak-peek-54983796"}