Mary J. Blige, Tyler Perry, Nipsey Hussle honored at BET Awards

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
4:43 | 06/24/19

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Transcript for Mary J. Blige, Tyler Perry, Nipsey Hussle honored at BET Awards
Now it's time for "Pop news." Good morning to you all and to you. We begin with a big night at the B.E.T. Awards. Host Regina hall kicking off the show in L.A. By channeling Beyonce. Look at that. Complete with marching band and all and then let's get to it, Rihanna presenting Mary J. Blige with the lifetime achievement award and blige performing a medley of her biggest hits just wowing the crowd. Another big winner, Tyler Perry taking home the ultimate icon award and there was a moving moment, the late rapper nipsey hussle who was gunned down back in March honored last night with a humanitarian award but the moment that got the crowd on their feet, lil nas performing his country crossover hit for the crowd. Look at that. Alongside the one, the only Billy ray Cyrus. The show got great reviews. A good time was had by all. Today, guys, marks the 25th anniversary since "The lion king" first hit theaters. Our audience is very excited about that we are certainly feeling the love this morning thanks to this new trailer for the upcoming live adaptation. Check out Beyonce and Donald glover. Their version as sing ba and nala singing the movie's theme song. Can you feel the love tonight the peace the evening brings the world for once in perfect harmony with all its living things Wow. On a lighter note Seth rogen and Billy Eichner praying they will sing "Hakuna matata." We will learn when it hits theaters July 9th. Tickets go on sale this morning. Also in the news, the queen of Hollywood, Meryl Streep celebrating a big birthday, number 70 over the weekend. Her "Big little lies" co-star Reese Witherspoon sharing this photo of her writing, sending big birthday wishes to this remarkably talented woman. Meryl, it was an absolute dream getting to work with you and Streep's longtime friend Cher posting this message with her usual smattering of emojis. My -- darling Mary Louise, her real name, I made it sound like you would know that. Her real name is Mary Louise, happy birthday. You were light years ahead of us. You are a gift. You are my friend. That's a nice note to get. Fellow Oscar winner Viola Davis perhaps put it best, happy birthday to a person whose heart, kindness and bravery is beyond compare. Happy birthday, Meryl Streep, from all of us at "Good morning America." Finally, very excited to share with you the results of the 31st "Snl" world's ugliest dog contest. It's always a huge hit held in petaluma, California. 19 fantastically frizzy droopy bow-legged beauties, all of them perfectly pugly but in the end three stood out. In third place, from falmouth, Maine, tostito. Wow! What a beauty, in second place, wild thing. I think I love you. Serious hair care product needed. It's hard to believe that wild thing didn't land in the top spot but in the end it came down to scamp the tramp, everybody. This year's winner. There you go. That's a better indication. A street dog from Compton, los Angeles, before being rescued five years ago. This beauty now works as a therapy dog visiting hospitals and senior centers making people smile wherever he goes. One person describes scamp as a happy hairy watermelon. Scamp the tramp now scamp the champ. Really is. Love is blind.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63906129","title":"Mary J. Blige, Tyler Perry, Nipsey Hussle honored at BET Awards","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/mary-blige-tyler-perry-nipsey-hussle-honored-bet-63906129"}