Meet everyday people taking part in Harry, Markle's wedding

Tessa Hince, Hayley Ash and Diana Hosford tell "GMA" how they got invited to watch the royal wedding arrivals and carriage procession.
6:36 | 05/17/18

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Transcript for Meet everyday people taking part in Harry, Markle's wedding
continue to count down toward the big wedding tomorrow, oh, no, Saturday. Let's get back to Michael and Paula Faris who are already over there in Windsor. Good morning again, you two. Hey, good morning, robin. We cannot wait for you to get over here because the excitement is building here in Windsor. Especially for the more than 2600 special members of the public who were invited to watch the royal wedding arrivals and carriage ride from the castle grounds. Some of them are going to join us in just a moment. First a look at how they scored those coveted invites. We are a fantastic team. We know we are and we hope to, you know, over time try and have as much impact for all the things we care about as much as possible. I am very excited about that, yeah. Reporter: Their shared love of charity and philanthropy has been the corner of stone of their love story. So there's no surprise that it's also a priority on their big day. The royal couple has invited thousands of members of the public from every corner of uk and beyond to watch the arrivals and carriage procession of the bride and groom. Hundreds of those receiving a coveted special invite hail from the many charities with close connections to the royal couple. Yes, I was really excited. Tessa Hince and Hayley ash are among those and run Shipton Christmas community lunch providing meals for those alone during the holidays. Not thinking at all and we don't know what to expect which makes it harder to know what's going to happen on the day because tens of thousands of people are going to be going to Windsor and the world's media and we're just going to be there and say, hello, can we come in? We're on the list. I feel good in this. Reporter: Diane Hosford is picking out her dress. She works with families who have lost a loved one during military duty. A favorite of prince Harry who spent ten years in the British military. And then there's Georgia furs, an ambassador for steel bones who provide support for the amputee community and she already has her dress. Is this like pinch me? Yeah. It feels like a dream. And joining us now are some of those lucky royal wedding attendees. Hayley ash, Tessa Hince and Diana Hosford. Hayley and Tessa, you met the queen. How was it? It was two days ago absolutely crazy. She's so small, isn't she? She's really small. She's like this big. That really surprised you, I take it. Yeah, on the TV she's really very tall. Yeah, and Tessa, you have had such a crazy week. You said you met the queen. What are you most looking forward to Saturday? Am I allowed to say meeting David Beckham maybe. You just did. You just did it. Can't take that back. I meant to say Harry and Meghan but I think it would be so cool to see David Beckham. Cool to be invited Diana, you're one of a few if only maybe the only American who is invited to this wedding with the invitation. You're married to one of our ABC employees, Matt Hosford. I am. What was his initial reaction when you said, honey, I got an invite to the royal wedding? Wow, that's great. He knows how much I love the work that I do and he he's really happy that they're being recognized and I told him it would be rather expensive so he said it was okay with that. All for a good cause so you actually had a chance to meet prince Harry a couple of years ago. I did. Through the charity work you do with T.A.P.S. What do you think really resonates with him? I think being -- I think being a service member and having been part of allied forces in Afghanistan, obviously is one of the reasons why I think he's interested in supporting military families, de H but, you know, he went through terrible grief and loss as a young boy, 12 years old, his mother died and all remember those moments so I think he wants to expose as many charities and work with as many people as he can to support children who have lost loved ones. I lost my father at 13 whose name was Harry so I certainly understand and can feel connected with Harry because of that. And as a son of a military man I want to thank you for what you're doing and -- Thank you for your family service. Thank you very much. I will let my 81-year-old father know that. And big question, what are you going to wear? Are you going to be dressed to impress? I see the fascinators Erin going on here. Are you going to be dressed to impress. Yes. I hope so. I brought my fascinator and, Michael, you'll probably appreciate this as well. I have dragonflies on this fascinator. Can you turn it. Yeah, I can. Dragonflies are a symbol of a loved one who has passed and who is watching over us. So in the T.A.P.S. Family where we celebrate and honor our heroes by taking care of their families, having dragonflies that represent the loved ones looking over on us and taking care of us but also maybe princess Diana watching her son on his most special day as she'll be with us and Meghan wore a dragonfly on her fascinator on anzac day, hers was black crystal and I thought it would be appropriate to have a colorful one. We're a little jealous. We'll look for you guy. We're zealous of the three of you. You all deserve it for the work you're doing to help other people. Nothing better than that. So thank all of you for joining us this morning and good luck in your meeting of David Beckham. All right, everybody, we'll go back to you in New York. It speaks to their character, both Meghan and Harry, the people they are inviting because there are no dignitaries that are going to be there. Even some family members -- Celebrating the unsung hero. That's true and you can read more about these royal wedding guests on our website, and, of course, full coverage of the royal wedding. I'm going to be joining Michael in Windsor if my flight gets there on time out of dulles and then on Saturday David Muir and I will anchor the coverage of the royal wedding at -- beginning at 5:00 A.M. Eastern time here on ABC.

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{"id":55230121,"title":"Meet everyday people taking part in Harry, Markle's wedding","duration":"6:36","description":"Tessa Hince, Hayley Ash and Diana Hosford tell \"GMA\" how they got invited to watch the royal wedding arrivals and carriage procession.","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/meet-everyday-people-taking-part-harry-markles-wedding-55230121","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}