New music and entertainment choices for the weekend

Jeremy Parsons, correspondent for People (the TV show!) breaks down what to binge.
3:44 | 04/17/21

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Transcript for New music and entertainment choices for the weekend
Welcome back to GMA would not be Saturday morning without some. Brings me back to nine nightclub and Dave how it doesn't need New Jersey theft it's where. So little and I think guy doesn't Gary Parsons he's the New York correspondent for. People that TV show Jeremy good morning a lot of sub categories small screen right now what. Kind of TV are you watching this weekend. I'm into big shot a new guy should be do is on Disney plus John unstable as it is back. He plays an NCAA coach who gets booted in them having to coach a girls high school basketball team lots of egos little drama little comedy. And a little of that state most eye candy which is apparently a big thing according to Yvette Nicole Brown who is coast are a talker this week she said at least there was one moment. On said John flash that smile took her off guard. She forgot a lines couldn't keep her train of thought. So it's as a weapon according to her there you go sit out the other what I love to talk about in check out a little different town mayor at these town. On HBO Macs Kate Winslet stars in this it's a murder mystery this hometown hero that's who she has who becomes a detective. It's a small town and someone is murdered who did it everyone knows everyone so it's a big deal. Thompson got a great supporting cast as well what Jean Smart and guide hears case of the reveal of who committed the murder. Is shattering to get checked that out on HBO Max this weekend. But that's happened here also this lightly for the Oscars Oprah Winfrey interviewing best actress container Viola Davis. So what's the inside his hair. OK so called oh in the spotlight Viola Davis this is a great. Wrong real conversation between these two powerhouse when an Oprah Winfrey of course interviewing by all. Who is now the most nominated a black actors ever for the Oscars. She broke that record what mares black bottom the role that he's talked a lot about what are the clip earlier in overseas and mocking the already rolled taught her to appreciate her own work a lot of self reflection there. They talk about the lake chabot Bozeman because some of her as well. You can check the whole thing out. On the watch phone. And also with a little help from his friends a music legend remaining re imagining that is new album tell us more. Paul McCartney we've got the new what is called McCartney three imagined. He recorded this during the lockdown for the down as he calls it in the UK. He's been a lot of time with his daughter marry I actually spoke of her recently she said that while Paul was what recording speak about the studio coming ever catch and play the music he was working on it. And that's what he needs according to her he loves good food to be around the family in great music he's got a lot of heart and soul. In this newest installment into series. With yeah Platz was. TV's razors and its impact and many more to check out. Eating good food is a brand new cookbook that is apparently guarantee shake up your menu at home tell us about that when we've got some of the food right here I'm them. Apparently I guarantee did shake up your morning as we speak it's called come on over 111. Fantastic recipes for the family that looks he's the last together. Jeff morrow on the Food Network is I was the kitchen. And he wrote this industry for itself and didn't show the other pancakes you're doing guys I'm told they are but no love limited buttermilk pancakes. With Chantilly cream. Sounds amazing I guess that must be nice guess who doesn't have one week. Yes so that Jack you gotta come over here and learn about this Chantilly cream here. I'm sure. Everything you thank you and don't see Jeremy on people the TV show you can watch full episodes on and you can pick up this week's. Issue of people understand from nationwide right now.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Jeremy Parsons, correspondent for People (the TV show!) breaks down what to binge.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77137105","title":"New music and entertainment choices for the weekend","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/music-entertainment-choices-weekend-77137105"}