New National Geographic series looks at 'Secrets of the Whales'

The new Disney+ series features never-before-seen footage of the gigantic animals who rule our oceans.
3:06 | 04/22/21

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Transcript for New National Geographic series looks at 'Secrets of the Whales'
We're back now on Earth day with a special look at the secrets of the deep blue and never before seen footage of the majestic whales who rule our oceans. It's all part of a new Disney plus series from national geographic. Gio Benitez is back with that. Hey again, gio. Reporter: Hey, Michael. Good morning again and happy Earth day. You know this is an incredible beautiful four-part series, more than three years in the making, 24 different locations around the world and, of course, those incredibly fascinating animals of the sea. Orcas, they're some of the most fierce and majestic animals on our planet. They're also among the most intelligent giants swimming in our oceans. In national geographic's "Secrets of the whales" explorer Brian scary captures some of the social rituals these whales have been practicing for centuries. Only now are we beginning to understand their secrets. Reporter: Narrated by sigourney weaver and executive produced by James Cameron it follows five species including belugas who seem to give individual names to one another. This baby beluga shares its mother's call. Here a lost narwhal swims amid a pod of beluga whales. The first time we saw the narwhal we wondered, oh, what kind of weird beluga have we seen? It's not in a good position. Reporter: The young narwhal won't survive unless it Ackley contemplates to the new sounds and accepted by the belugas. If they adopt it, it will be the first long-term cross species among whales ever recorded. These are not just big fish swimming around, there's a lot move cognition, there's social behaviors and they work cooperatively. Reporter: Scary spent three years capturing behaviors never seen before. What I saw with these orca was off the scale. This one female adult orca came in and was checking me out. It was kind of looking at me checking out -- are you going to have that because if not I'm going to grab that. How they feed or what they know about their local water, how they socialize, their parenting techniques, these animals have culture. Reporter: Just stunning and, you know, national geographic and Disney plus are calling this a love letter to our oceans, our planet and, of course, those beautiful whale, just remarkable images right there, Michael. You said the perfect word stunning and all four episodes of the Disney plus original series "Secrets of the whales" from national geographic streaming on Disney plus and visit to learn more. We will be right back. He's been called the most experienced candidate on

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"The new Disney+ series features never-before-seen footage of the gigantic animals who rule our oceans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77239431","title":"New National Geographic series looks at 'Secrets of the Whales'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/national-geographic-series-secrets-whales-77239431"}