Oscar best actress winner reacts to her upset win

"The Favourite" star Olivia Colman told "GMA" she didn't prepare a speech because "I was pretty sure it wouldn't be me."
5:10 | 02/25/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar best actress winner reacts to her upset win
I don't like. Hi I'm honest and you know. You just seemed like at yeah. Murray has got smacked. It looks like you were. Six feet relax for a second you've got a long night ahead of you. You were speechless. So did you not like anything. Yeah. And where are you right now I'm. Aren't being the end. Here's it's my. Amazing to be remembered Nazi gaga. It says. It but it's OK all these taunting her perfect. He were perfect. You took a moment to acknowledge slight pulse. Things. Was very very sweet and she's needs it. You almost apologize for winning. Million dollars now yeah. Yeah. You burglary and talks about what was it like working just some words is leaning on him I thought I am not was. The city's yeah she's Sarah yeah. Thanks me. I'll we have to do. He was great reasons. Spoke about her husband talked about about the favorite was this your favorites. Visit and and it just didn't experience. And it's amazing to. Then took him take his experience doing an excellent yeah. It owns. Three. Yeah. Accident statistics. Your queen and plans. So who probably yeah. And asked cities epic. Yeah. Signs analysts. What was your reaction when Melissa McCarthy came outs. Aunts just the yeah. Did you know that was coming yeah. I loved part of the story now it was really sweet and so someone fleeing to another. We just finished its season. Week. Clinically species name. Stuffs it. Books. I was at. How would you compare how did you come here for unanimous favorite supreme busy packing plant time. Yeah. Exactly. Six that's. Both as pontiff flags. Yeah. His best hottest day. It some of those you yeah. Yeah and there's been. Johnson. How he celebrated yeah. I data and he owns the partying that night and sure. You'll regret that is the appointment is a cap and let's get those five. When you when you look okay. It's a real. I'm trying to think if there's anything else you. Did you do and he knows he talked to the much like this doesn't mean anything I'm for the post was very funny when it's virtually wrapped. And Austria. You need it and write exit. See we're not gonna. But that. And that. His friends and family got a how does is award season then. It. Well all records of the terrifying. August oddity. Of the night. That you didn't. You know endeavor we leave this screams backstage. Thank you there aren't seasonally. Where it counts on Wednesday. But don't enjoy every moment only. I hope we see you again anything.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"\"The Favourite\" star Olivia Colman told \"GMA\" she didn't prepare a speech because \"I was pretty sure it wouldn't be me.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61298695","title":"Oscar best actress winner reacts to her upset win","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/oscar-best-actress-winner-reacts-upset-win-61298695"}