Pharrell Williams talks producing 'Roxanne Roxanne' about female rap pioneer

Williams produced the new Netflix original movie, which stars Chante Adams alongside Nia Long and Mahershala Ali.
3:54 | 03/20/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pharrell Williams talks producing 'Roxanne Roxanne' about female rap pioneer
We are back now with 11-time grammy award winning artist and super producer, Pharrell Williams and the break -- Yep. It's all I could do to say I'm so happy. Also the breakout star of the incredible new movie "Roxanne Roxanne," Chante Adams. Oh, Pharrell, you were behind one of the purchasroducers with "Hidden figures." What inspired you to do this. First of all, thanks for having us here. Second of all, it was just -- it's just like it is the time right now where things are shifting. Things are about like women's stories. The narrative is changing not only in America but around the world and like, you know, the first woman to do this, first woman to do everything from science to like code writing to poetry, I mean, but Chante was actually the first female battle rapper and opened the doors and so not only for women to come and rap but also for the music industry to recognize that women could actually sell oreos. This was like in the 1980s she was doing this. Yes. All right, little young'un. Okay, she was six weeks out of college, okay, six weeks out of college and you get this. Yes. First role. First role. First role. How does that happen? You must have been going crazy. I was going crazy. I just moved to New York two weeks prior to even awe digging and then I got an e-mail just to come in to audition. It was my first movie audition and so just to go in there and -- Who did you call first? Who did you call. I just want to put it on the record I called my mother first but she didn't answer. So. So I called my high school drama teacher Marilyn Mccormick. She's my life mentor now and she was driving and had to pum over on the side of the road because she was screaming and we were crying and I was in times square actually. I was just yelling on the street like a crazy person. Well, you know what, we'll going to show everybody just a little taste of "Roxanne Roxanne" and see you in action. Here it is. I'm Chante. Just wrap till I get out of breathth E is thehing woav H to do Andis this T at Ng thamu O dm I'???ante ??? we rapch so muhe Thi T it's three three of us who rap together ??? ??? strong -- Can just say something? So like what you guys saw was like part of what people know of her. But this is a super, super like deep story at times it can be super heavy because she was 14 years old. You know, she got pregnant. You know, she dealt with domestic violence, like at 14 years old, managers not necessarily doing the right thing by her financially, just because she was young. She was very much a part of the show. She was on the set. Oh, yeah. Of the movie. She really made herself avail sdmrbl literally stopping scenes when she felt like something was not as accurate as it could be. Ooh, ooh? A woman. What was it like having her there on set? It was nerve-racking of course, at first but then it became so great just to have her right there, the source, go right to her if I had any questions or problems and she was )uick to, you know, yell, cut, fake me to the corner and be like I would have did it this way or switch it up a little bit like this. Her strength and her beauty. Thank you again, Pharrell for bringing this important film to the people and letting them know about this woman. And congratulations.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"Williams produced the new Netflix original movie, which stars Chante Adams alongside Nia Long and Mahershala Ali. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53863434","title":"Pharrell Williams talks producing 'Roxanne Roxanne' about female rap pioneer ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/pharrell-williams-chante-adams-dish-roxanne-roxanne-live-53863434"}