Take it from Raven-Symone: 'Don't sell yourself out for the money.'

Oh, snap! Seasoned TV vet Raven-Symone shares her wisdom with 'GMA'
4:13 | 11/09/18

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Transcript for Take it from Raven-Symone: 'Don't sell yourself out for the money.'
That was our homes have all kinds and it. This is a photo shoot from the first season that so rate and it was probably about fifty. And in my head that. You know. Keep smiling keep it or eat. I didn't realize it was. Gonna do when it determined that. The show that's meaning something else it was named after the cyclone. And there was somebody else in the lead role we did the high and everything you know did with it did and they went up to the television guys in the green makes it lifted a for the death step on it and called me and said we would likely to making the title character and it turned into That's So Raven. Okay spotted first time that I am on the set of the line. Driving to the senate Cosby show my dad he wanted to drive to work there was an half full. Well they have sold two point eight days that I never was allowed to go eat. Let. Keep it at that it up. Re or that they're that Smart. That's and I'm. Mostly. Obeyed ice to call that mind making hairstyle. Turning to Wear it all the time but my parent pig tails and then to me. Here is at a debris. So it's hard it is they just didn't yet I would saying it makes you keep giving it to get ashen eyes can I tell you little secret. Zoom into the glass of them. And he still. Oh it's the Cheetah Girls we had been separated for a while doing our own things to come together and perform one last time and performed. Lie with anyone Apple's. As a character. Ever. So I actually had to put myself in a different brain. Here's the stage with other people's that was interesting because it's that the longer the puck at a best advice that I haven't yet. It's to keep. Me. Bar and don't sell yourself out. Yeah that link extension. Act more. Oak. Think about the actress entertainer or talk show that you are always ways with someone. There's always someone coming in and you have to protect you guys have been friends for years. With era. Means. Similar change. What happened yet lie the other women. On the panel same day there was a lot of connections. I connected with looking on the level where I admired her from. Years she said she met me when I was younger I don't remember but she was scared me to the basket he wrote the my age and hopefully can connect correctly and nurture that relationship. For instance my. Then picture makes me smile this pictures from the new episode of ravens home called ravens I'll read next which is a musical that we were doing and I love that I think garlands prove that you could move just as smooth as any girl in the world makes me. It did bring back a lot of memories to fill my musical episode for ravens home. You know musical episode on That's So Raven if you remembered as you can on the show and actress on the and just secretaries has been in the business and music and that he didn't think this is how explicit I think they're not listened. Like calm down. Take a breath. Quote from your history. A walk topped out I would tell myself. I'm telling yourself right now to talk to you right now just sits there locked up in February government takes anti.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"Oh, snap! Seasoned TV vet Raven-Symone shares her wisdom with 'GMA'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59070842","title":"Take it from Raven-Symone: 'Don't sell yourself out for the money.'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/raven-symone-dont-sell-money-59070842"}