Get ready for 'Awards Season' by binging the latest TV and movie releases

Jeremy Parsons from "PEOPLE the TV Show," shares what to watch this weekend.
3:57 | 02/27/21

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Transcript for Get ready for 'Awards Season' by binging the latest TV and movie releases
If that sounds like a nightclub in New Jersey, that makes sense because New Jersey's own stormin' janai Norman is here. "Hit me baby one more time" by Britney spearwas playing, and no one was singing. I started dancing then I realized we were on camera. Very awkward. Dan totally straight faced. Laser focus with that jam on, Dan. Waiting for the air horn. Yeah, all right, it's time for "Binge this." Award season is officially upon us. And we've got the must watch movies and TV you need to know. Joining us is award show aficionado Jeremy parsons. He is also the New York correspondent for "People, the TV show." Jeremy, we love it when you're here. Let's start up with the two movies up for golden globes, but are available to watch from home. Love being here and, yeah, that time of year where we pay attention to movies. Critics have seen them. We're starting with "Minari," m-I-n-a-r-I. On demand right now. Best foreign picture nominee about this Korean immigrant family that moves to the united States in the '80s. They launch into their own version of the American dream. Really compelling storytelling here. Writer/director Lee Isaac Chung talked about pulling from his own life experiences for this. That cast, Steven young will be on "Gma" Monday. They talked about how elements are relatable. Check it out. You'll hear a lot more about this movie as award season kind of plays out. And another one I'm excited about, "The United States vs. Billie holiday." Best original song nominee for Andra day. She's incredible, directed by Lee Daniels. Andra never acted before, so she dives into the deep end, and she's getting awards attention for this. Really transforming into this legendary jazz singer, diving into the trauma, the pain, the story really surrounding how she was targeted by the government and ended up reinvigorating the civil rights movement in many different ways. Those are two you can check out for sure. A successful first crack at acting, and "Minari," very nice to see in a movie, you know, envisioning what the American dream looks like in a way we don't often see. That's right. Jeremy, what nominated TV show should we binge? Let's go to "Lovecraft country." Here's one that came out last summer. You might have missed it. Good time to circle back. Getting awards love as well. Jordan Peele and J.J. Abrams. Based on a road trip mission the characters are going on across the Jim crow south. Social commentary, horror, monster, it's a wild adventure. This blend of realism and fantasy and sci-fi. Anything can happen, which is what makes it so exciting and fun to watch. There's a lot of hope for a season two. The writers are kind of cooking something up seeing where they can go with it. For people paying attention wondering if this could be the ongoing big new hit for HBO season after season, fingers crossed for that. Check out "Lovecraft country" if you haven't. My husband a big fan of that. Finally real quick we could not ignore a music legend's brand-new album. Tell us about it. Do yourself a favor. Take some time and listen to Willie Nelson's "That's life," a tribute album to Frank Sinatra. Songs like "I won't dance." You're hearing a little bit of a duet with Diana Krall. "Luck be a lady," a lot of hits. Willie has paid homage to him before, but he has the special ability to serve up classics in a way that captures the soul of Sinatra but with that undeniable Willie Nelson sensibility. I turned this on the other night. Couldn't stop listening to it. Loved it. Check it out. Jeremy, thank you so much. Watch Jeremy on "People: The TV show," full episodes on You can pick up this week's issue of "People" on newsstands. Willie Nelson and frank Sinatra. I love that combo. "Hit me baby one more time" or is that -- Just for you, Dan. I'll dance if he does that.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Jeremy Parsons from \"PEOPLE the TV Show,\" shares what to watch this weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76152158","title":"Get ready for 'Awards Season' by binging the latest TV and movie releases","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/ready-awards-season-binging-latest-tv-movie-releases-76152158"}