Remembering Prince Philip ahead of his funeral

As the royal family prepares for the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, people around the world are sharing their personal stories, painting a portrait of the queen’s late husband.
2:56 | 04/16/21

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Transcript for Remembering Prince Philip ahead of his funeral
We move on to prince Philip and his family preparing for the funeral right now as so many are sharing their own personal stories revealing a side of prince Philip that few knew. Maggie Rulli at Windsor castle, good morning, Maggie. Reporter: We've been hearing amazing stories from Philip's close family and friends, some touching, others simply hilarious but, George, you know, what's been so incredible to me is to be able to learn things about the prince that I never knew before. He was a man of action. A man of fun. A sailor, a pilot, a style icon. Even a bit of a dish. Kown for his quick wit and zest for life, prince Philip lived every moment of his 99 years to the fullest. Learning to fly with the royal air force, he got his private pilot license in 1959 seen here high above Windsor castle. The duke logged nearly 6,000 hours in the air. A decorated naval officer who witnessed the Japanese surrender in 1945. He loved art and design even helping to modify one of his favorite car, a land rover into his own customized hearse. One eye always on the future he was instrumental in modernizing the royal family becoming the first to give a TV interview in 1961 even hosting two TV shows himself and starring in this charity film. What do you want to see me about? Reporter: It was Philip who pushed to have the queen's coronation televised something famously depicted in "The crown." I'll support you in the televising. You won't regret it. Reporter: Some say he had a rebellious streak. I'm not a rebel. Innovator perhaps. Reporter: With his passing family and friends are sharing stories about the man behind the title. We're hearing in the tributes that have come through all of the things the family loved about him. Huge amount of interest. Passionate about understanding the world around him and in passing that on. Reporter: Many talking of the duke's gentler side like the time he comforted a 2-year-old JFK Jr. After his father died. In Washington, D.C. For his father's funeral Jacqueline Kennedy found the prince sprawled on the floor playing and laughing with her young son to keep him company. For a man of his generation he wasn't particularly formal. He was very relaxed with people and I always felt that he very much gravitated towards people who he felt had interesting stories to tell and who he felt were quite matter of fact and very genuine. Reporter: Also a published author who wrote 14 books and an environmentalist known for driving around London in his environmentally friendly taxi that would often go unnoticed and a man who accords to some of his grandchildren loved barbecue and beer. Guys, tomorrow, we are celebrating truly a remarkable life. Thanks very much. We'll have live coverage of the funeral of prince Philip, that starts tomorrow at 9:30 eastern.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"As the royal family prepares for the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, people around the world are sharing their personal stories, painting a portrait of the queen’s late husband.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77112566","title":"Remembering Prince Philip ahead of his funeral","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/remembering-prince-philip-ahead-funeral-77112566"}