Behind-the-scenes Oscars secrets from the show's producer

ABC News' Chris Connelly sat down with a producer of the show to discuss everything from how to avoid another best picture mix-up to behind-the-scenes production secrets.
2:56 | 03/01/18

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Transcript for Behind-the-scenes Oscars secrets from the show's producer
We'll go to our Oscar countdown. Jimmy Kimmel will take the center stage in just three days. The secrets of the show are being kept under wraps but ABC's Chris Connelly went backstage to try to get them anyway. Hey, Chris, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, Michael. You know, we did get some insights from Oscar's producer Jennifer Todd on what lies ahead this Sunday for the academy awards where the biggest moments are often steeped in surprise, planned and otherwise. ??? Reporter: Last year's oscars show was memorable from Jimmy. I'm excited. I've never been to the oscars before. This is my first time here. ??? I got that sunshine in my pocket ??? Reporter: To Justin. "La la land". There is a mistake. "Moonlight," you guys won best picture. What I learned in a big way last year is, you know, there's a lot of elements to the show I don't control. Reporter: Producer Jennifer Todd is back with Michael de Luca and host Jimmy Kimmel for the 90 at academy awards and the unexpected is definitely in store. What can you tell us about what kind of surprises we might see on Sunday? They won't be surprises if I tell you. We know. No, I think Jimmy has a lot of great stuff planned. I'm really hoping there aren't any surprises to deal with any envelopes. Reporter: Also a show that's making plans to acknowledge the cultural transformation now sweeping through Hollywood and beyond. How do you expect the ceremony to pay tribute to to honor the me too movement. I think it really is an important time what's happening and we've been talking to them about how to address it in a moment or two in the show but obviously we want the show to be about entertainment. Reporter: Nonetheless expect to see kimmel-sized comedy throughout the show. Wrap it up. We want to go home. We think that the show works best when you keep the host around so my sort of two rules is a lot of Jimmy and also you have to get them off the stage too. So just when we don't expect to see him in a particular place you might surprise us. Yes. He'll show up somewhere unexpected. That sounds like a surprise. Jennifer Todd tells us she's going to be checking out the music acts today and with such artists as common and Mary J. Blige set to perform, those figure to be something special as well, Michael. Absolutely. Chris, how are they going to prevent another envelope mix-up and can we expect to see Warren beatty and Faye Dunn away again? Well -- Good question. We all want to know. They've got envelopes that will look different and a third person in the production truck to oversee things and bringing back old veterans from the accountant firm to make sure it goes smoothly. If some name you don't expect gets mentioned that's what is supposed to app. As for Warren and Faye, Jennifer said it's an interesting idea or maybe she was just being nice to

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{"id":53430858,"title":"Behind-the-scenes Oscars secrets from the show's producer","duration":"2:56","description":"ABC News' Chris Connelly sat down with a producer of the show to discuss everything from how to avoid another best picture mix-up to behind-the-scenes production secrets. ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/scenes-oscars-secrets-shows-producer-53430858","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}