'Selena,' 'Chef,' and 'Euphoria' are must-watch TV binges this weekend

Lawrence K. Jackson, co-host of "PEOPLE (the TV Show!)" recommends what to watch this weekend, including short films from Pixar and the movie "The White Tiger" starring Priyanka Chopra Jonas.
3:07 | 01/23/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Selena,' 'Chef,' and 'Euphoria' are must-watch TV binges this weekend
Janai in the house. What's going on? Not sure what to watch? We have you covered. Lawrence K. Jackson co-host of people the TV show is here to tell us what's bingeworthy right now. Thanks for being here, Lawrence. Let's get started with movies. What should we watch this weekend? Thank you for having me, and good morning, America. I'm sorry, shameless, I know, but I've always wanted to say that. Let's start with "The white tiger." Now, "The white tiger" is a film adaptation of the best-selling book of the same name released yesterday on Netflix. Executive produced by ava duvernay. The film is centered around balram, also the narrator. It's epic, darkly humorous and touches at your emotions. A lot of different things going on in this film. Detailing his rise from low caste villager to high caste entrepreneur. Society has trained him to be one thing and one thing alone, a servant, but after a night of betrayal, he realizes the lengths that people will go to put him under and save themselves. It stars priyanka Chopra Jonas. I highly suggest. Like I said, a lot of different emotions in this film but impressive. Lawrence, I'm so glad you didn't tell us how it ended. Me and my husband were watching it last night, but I couldn't finish it because I had to go to bed. So good. So I'm going to finish it today. There is so much great TV right now. What do you recommend? I mean, who would I be if I didn't say "Euphoria: Part 2," one of the biggest shows out right now. The second special episode really focuses on Jules, and she's going through a spiral and realizes she's now on her own away from home. Her father ruled her suburban life and she's really backtracking the events that brought her to where she is. The role being portrayed by zendaya, and hunter Schafer, who betrays Jules, actually co-wrote and co-executive produced this episode marking her on screen debut for both. Directed by Sam Levinson. That premiered yesterday as well on HBO max. You got to check out "Euphoria." I've had so many people say, you got to check it out. It's on the list. Pixar has gifted us new short films. Tell us about those. Yeah, if you have kids or you just are a kid at heart, these are for you. It's a collection of ten mini shorts featuring characters from some of your favorite Pixar films like "Toy story," "Finding Nemo," "Cars," "Soul" which was amazing if you watched it recently, "Coco" and "The incredibles," a personal favorite of mine. Really quick films. This premiered yesterday exclusively on Disney plus. Jamie Foxx, Ellen DeGeneres, a lot of great stars and the same director as "Monsters inc." And "Up" which was a little sad but I loved it. A director with some experience. A lot of stuff to binge this weekend. For any parent who has a quick zoom call to make, pop the kids in front of the TV with some of these shorts and you're good to go. I like that. Lawrence, thank you so much. Thank you. You can watch Lawrence K. Jackson on "People, the TV show"

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Lawrence K. Jackson, co-host of \"PEOPLE (the TV Show!)\" recommends what to watch this weekend, including short films from Pixar and the movie \"The White Tiger\" starring Priyanka Chopra Jonas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75444119","title":"'Selena,' 'Chef,' and 'Euphoria' are must-watch TV binges this weekend","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/selena-chef-euphoria-watch-tv-binges-weekend-75444119"}