Sophia Bush raises awareness to help end period poverty

Not having certain sanitary products may be holding some girls back in school.
4:00 | 09/20/19

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Transcript for Sophia Bush raises awareness to help end period poverty
There are girls all around the world who. Can't go to school. Because they experienced period after they do not have access. To the sanitary items that they need to manage their cycle. Understandably so many people are shocked when they learn how period property being so prevalent here. I think we often assume that something like that contract impasse could. Just nation. I patents and one inside school age girls. And what that means is closer access to the products that he. So they don't go to school because they can't they can't sit in your clothes threw a school day if they don't have access to sanitary. And that's her pre. That young women are losing out on opportunities for education and every month you're missing days of school because they can't. Afford to leave the house can we can use. When people ask how this can be happening. Here what it means team. Living period property when we're talking about poverty in town we're talking about socio economic barriers team success in society. So when your family has to choose between sprint many more food money that means that they don't have. The financial resources to buy a package is period products. And it's a devastating reality from lot of people who just not getting the support they need this country understand why some people you know. Passionate and head from his hands around him. And I think. That's why it's always an ice town councilors. And I think that if you're feeling. Thank you don't know what to do next month you can join our movement and period. Always has been supporting women's 335 years you friends and crew. Credible campaigns. To create. Perry pax passed and so excited as the country's thinking about back to school in September. They're reminding us so many girls lose out on their opportunity ten educated causing injury. One in five girls in America experience period property. Which in my home city of Los Angeles transit some 80000 girls miss school because they don't hear us. And this is not a cash grant. He's got ninety just fathers and hand and then meet again lending I woke up and I tell her any products I didn't go to school. It was obscenity because they need to teach you can save fifteen potential class and I'm not good enough. Awareness. In conversation. And stopping taboo around women's bodies in them anyway. Is the first step to grab. This can't be some taboo subject is you can only women are talking about is his. Muses. To talk about this because again. We're all here because a woman had a period. So. Think we should really be supporting celebrate big bodies making sure. Catholic need to pursue education and higher education and my eyes and mind. Need and desire.

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"Not having certain sanitary products may be holding some girls back in school. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65732035","title":"Sophia Bush raises awareness to help end period poverty ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/sophia-bush-raises-awareness-end-period-poverty-65732035"}