Who will be the standout stars on the red carpet?

Celebrity stylist and fashion expert Joe Zee gives some insights on what we can expect.
2:06 | 03/04/18

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Transcript for Who will be the standout stars on the red carpet?
Welcome back everybody yards outside the Hollywood film and theater in a few hours of parade of the lab are going to be walking the red carpet ahead. Yes I think in doing excellent pilot and Ash Wednesday with some insight. He still looks good the other Georgetown. Wearing black or whether it was the white rose what do you think will be the biggest fans tonight well I mean I think fashion has always been incredibly important in the red carpet and I think this year more than ever. It has such a huge statement behind it and I think this year I don't think at the Oscars there's going to be a real fashion mandates are there isn't going to be a color or style or anything that. We'll signifies the sort of political stance behind it but. Are going to be a lot of people I think wearing anti gun violence and you know I think orange hands resting at at and also tightens up pins will still be around I think that idea is still going to be big statement on the cards okay and in terms of the standout stars yes on the red carpet. Reid predicts oh my gosh I have to say pollutant. Between Cheshire Ronan and Margot Robbie they have literally been so I'm incredibly unpredictable when the most beautiful way. This entire ward sees and I think tonight is really the culmination of everything they've done to get here's a look at a within the authors is really the pinnacle that also like it's sort of everything. Sort of climax as to what them ultimate dresses at W. So Michael Strahan anatomy colleague he is also covering the big night for the preach and he posted this video. Let's cover is high school two way air fleet. Feet. A day so he brought three different color taxes for the man. Who should we be watching and by the way I'm jealous that they we have three options. Like a thousand but to pay if you love and I don't what is. I'm because I think the guys have really been bringing their a game lately you know I didn't and the legacy of I think the last few years I mean between Girard Leno and everybody that we see on the carpet they've really done great and I think to many Charlemagne some incredible he's I don't desire named Jackie Stiles and south he army camera always the thank all of Hollywood to me so here it as an army hammered Timothy shout me down and -- anyway. I'm thank you Joseph.

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"Celebrity stylist and fashion expert Joe Zee gives some insights on what we can expect.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53499177","title":"Who will be the standout stars on the red carpet?","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/standout-stars-red-carpet-53499177"}