Stars of beloved 80s TV shows face-off in the 'Witchy Witchy Which Show'

Kim Fields, Nancy McKeon, John Schneider and Suzanne Somers all starred in 80s silver screen hits, but they compete with each other about how much they know about each show on "GMA."
9:53 | 10/31/18

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Transcript for Stars of beloved 80s TV shows face-off in the 'Witchy Witchy Which Show'
The '80s hands down the best decade ever. Don't show pictures of me. The shoulder pads. You couldn't see my ears in the '80s because the pads were up to here. I would get up at 5:00 in the morning to start the hair process where rave 88 cent hair stray and take a blow dryer and like freeze it in action. To make it that big. I feel like this is what I grew up in. I am a child of the '80s. ??? Oh wanna dance with somebody ??? Announcer: Welcome back to "Good morning America's" all access '80s Halloween. ??? Yeah I wanna dance with somebody ??? Welcome back to "Gma," everybody. Welcome back to "Gma." You can see we've gone back in time to what we consider one of the raddest decades around. It's our all access '80s tour and we have an a-team of stars. Blue I wanted to call in some reinforcements and get some real '80s actors to come party hearty with us. First we have two lovely ladies who learned "The facts of life" but now, but now they've got a taste for pastels and sunglasses so this morning, they're doing things "Miami vice" style. Kim fields and Nancy Mckeon. Love the show. In character. You take the good you take the bad ??? the facts of life. The facts of life. Theme song. Be nice. "Miami vice." That "Miami vice." Yeah, yeah. Chasing Mr. T after the show. That's right. Well, next, back in the '80s he was making his way, the only way he knew how. He was from "The dukes of Hazzard," please welcome John Schneider. ?????? You look great. You look great. Thank you. Thank you. How about that? How about that. How are you? Mwah. I love seeing you. And good thing Sam has his bull horn. He will love this ??? come and knock on our door ??? ??? we've been waiting for you ??? ??? we've been waiting for you ??? We've been waiting for her where the kisses are hers. "Three's company" and Suzanne somers. ??? Come and knock on our door ??? ??? three's company ??? I, it's great to have all of you here. Our access '80s tour of the '80s and we have a little game that we'll play. Take a seat, Michael. Mr. T. It'll be the "Gma" anchors versus the '80s stars. And in the spirit of -- it is Halloween and our TV theme, this game is called witchy witchy witch show, okay. Here's how it works. We'll put up a picture from an '80s TV show. One person will try to guess what show it is from the clues, the rest of the team gives, but you cannot use any words from the show nor can you list any of the characters from the show. All right? If you do, we've got whistles. The other team -- Okay. Give them the bull horn and the whistles so each team has a designated whistle-blower. But we'll put -- you already have your glasses but put glasses on so the person up here cannot see what the name of the show is. And so first up, Suzanne somers Suzanne. You can all pass. This is where it's great that I play so stupid. And you are able to pass. It's dark in here. Let's put 30 seconds on the clock. You all get the clues and go. What? Happy. Opt. Bread, days. Bread. Bread, bread. White bread. White bread. The next one. Go to the next one. Pass. Pass. Oh. Michael Strahan. I pity the fool. A van. Drive a van. Oh, my god. Michael Strahan. Not me. Not me. Time's up. Time is up. I'm stupid. You really weren't -- I wouldn't have known anyway. Suzanne. Michael. You go next. I don't know about this. Mr. T don't like the dark. On the clock. 30 seconds. Thank you. Okay, go. Oh, Chrissy. She's here. You can't say the character. Oh! I can't say character names. That's okay. I'll say what the show is about. Okay, there is about a guy who can take paper clips -- "Macgyver." Very good. This is about a car that you pay to get a ride in. "Knight rider." No -- "Taxi." Very good. You! Nicely done. I tell you who, I pity the fool that gives me a good clue. Mr. T, it's not over yet. So, John, you can redeem your team. Good luck. Thank you. Come on. Put 30 seconds on the clock. And go. "Dukes of Hazzard." Oh. And it hurts and you have the -- "Going pains." Late for school. "Saved by the bell." That was good. I think so. Tony Danza -- Oh. You. You said the character. Well done. But you look really good. Tell me what the show is about. You did really well. You redeemed your team. It's now time to -- It's a tie. 2-2. It's tied. So captain stubing. So captain stubing. Are you ready to take the mission should you choose to accept it. I don't want to ruin my hair. All you need is one -- One to win. Okay. All right. 30 seconds on the clock. Let's go, team, go. Oh. San Francisco. Candace Cameron Bure. John Stamos. John Stamos. "Full house". Keep going. Bruce Willis, cybill shepherd. "Moonlighting." Hey! Fonsi. "Happy days." One more. Oh. All: Three, two, one. "Greatest American superhero." Very clothe. Well done, captain stubing. Congratulations to all and we do have a winner. The "Gma" anchors. You gave it a try and here -- All: "Gma," "Gma," "Gma." "Gma." There you go. Thank you to all our '80s stars. It was beautiful and -- snrs. We wish we were making something while you were -- Oh. Oh, really. That was nice. Oh. We want to thank all of you, John, Nancy, loved seeing you on "Dancing with the stars" this past season. Go, John. You've had your greatest albums coming up. We release a single every Tuesday of 1982. And I have an app if you want to know Nick about me getting my app, John Schneider app, it's free. You got a book available everywhere right now. It's available everywhere right now. Suzanne somers, putting the touches on your 27th book.

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{"duration":"9:53","description":"Kim Fields, Nancy McKeon, John Schneider and Suzanne Somers all starred in 80s silver screen hits, but they compete with each other about how much they know about each show on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58872801","title":"Stars of beloved 80s TV shows face-off in the 'Witchy Witchy Which Show'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/stars-beloved-80s-tv-shows-face-off-witchy-58872801"}