Tom Brady on showing fans 'a different part of my life'

The New England Patriots' quarterback discusses life after a disappointing loss, and how he is using the defeat to teach valuable lessons to his children.
6:14 | 03/12/18

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Transcript for Tom Brady on showing fans 'a different part of my life'
father of three and the NFL's all-time winningest quarterback, Mr. Tom briddy. Thank you. Thank you, guys. Thank you. I mean, I see so many people are so excited. They're just smiling. They were not shiling earlier. More patriots fans than giants fans, I think. Tom, I'm trying to be professional here. Let's not go there. You have never been professional with me. Tried the take my head off. That was my job. That was being profession nat nal at the time. You're a very private guy. I want to talk about "Tom versus time." What made you say, I want to put it out there? I want people to see behind the scenes of my life. You really are private. Not much is known about your life. It was a great opportunity. It was perfect timing. We had come off the super bowl. I was feeling really good when I got asked. The director came and said, think this is a great opportunity. Great timing for us to do something like this. It is nice to show so many fans who we really built on the Facebook community. I think over 5 million fans and, it's great to show the fans a different part of my life. They see so much football. Sunday afternoons. Wearing helmets. The intensity. I think all athletes are dealing with a lot of other things, as well. There's family issues. And, your family that you're dealing with. I have three still young children. It was great to show the fans a different part of my life. What is it like to have the cameras follow you not on the field, off the field? Was there ever a time you were like, come on, guys? Get the camera way from me. Not too often. It was great way to show different parts of my life. Really getting ready for the season. That's what it primarily was about. What does it take for a 40-year-old to play if the NFL? I wanted to show people all the things I had learned over the years. The things that were important to me. Show some of the fans, the patriots fans, what it takes to continue to try to achieve at a high level. 40 years old in the NFL. It's amazing. I retired at 36. I didn't have anything else. Where do you find snit where do you find the energy, the the resolve, the everything it takes? How do you dig it up? Think there's a real love for the sport. Love for the game. You love getting hit by guys like me? I love to try to avoid getting hit by guys like you. It's very hard for me. It always has been. It's something I relish. As longs afeel good. Continue to work hard. Make the commitment. It retiquires a lot of discipline. God gave me that when I was young. To get up and try to make the right decisions. When your priorities are in order. And you can make decisions, I believe you can extend your career. As a lot of athletes are trying to do now. When I first started, it wasn't like that. Think athletes may look at my situation and say, wow, maybe I could get to 40 also. It's cool for me to think about. Yeah. And you said something -- you said that you wish when you were 22 you were doing the things that you're doing now. Yeah. So what are you doing now? What's the secret? I was a late bloomer. You know, through high school and early into college. You know, I was kind of glowing into my body in a lot of ways. My routine and the things I did were not good. Not conducive to my goals. How I was working out. How hydrated I was. How I was eating. How I was taking care of my body. Early on, I didn't envision myself being able to continue to play because my arm hurt so bad all the time. I changed my routine. Learned a bunch of different things. And tried to apply those things in my life. It paid off. As I got to 30 years old and 31, 32, I thought, wow, I'm starting to make improvements. That was very motivating for me. When you work hard and don't get the benefit, it's discouraging. I was working hard at the right thing. It was showing in my performance. If I continue to refine my routine. What I was eating. Drinking. The rest I was getting. Type of treatments I was doing on my body. I thought, it's really shown that you can sustain a certain level of performance over a period of time. I'm making a comeback. Come on. I'll teach you what to do. Just don't hit me. I'm going hit you. Come play for . Then you don't have to hit me. I say that, I'll get in trouble. This is all part of the religion of sports. A project you and I have been working on. What has been -- what is the fun part? Anything you have found that this is fun and interting to be a prt of the religion of sports family? I think working with you, Gotham, the content produce sd the highest quality. There are so many correlations between this all these religions that we have been a part of our entire life and how those relate to sports. And, you know, I grew up as a catholic boy in a catholic school. And, you know, loving sports. And really finding all these different ways that they really correlate to one another. Exploring those in deep ways. I think the religion of sports team has done such a great job of exploring those things. The story becomes the backdrop. More about the the intersection, more than just a sport. And I'm curious for you, do your kids understand how big of Dea deal you are? Well, no. I don't think I'm a big deal, first of all. My kids don't either. I think that's pretty great pip thing my kids are getting of an age where they're understanding more. I have a 10-year-old son that lives in New York. He's around a lot of giants and jets fans. He understands a bit about what dad does. He comes up to the games and enjoys it. The two that are with me in Boston. You're a big deal to us, man. We appreciate it.

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{"id":53676276,"title":"Tom Brady on showing fans 'a different part of my life'","duration":"6:14","description":"The New England Patriots' quarterback discusses life after a disappointing loss, and how he is using the defeat to teach valuable lessons to his children. ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/tom-brady-opens-super-bowl-loss-live-gma-53676276","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}