Take a trip to Scotland to see where ‘Outlander’ is filmed

Ginger Zee takes a trip to Scotland in celebration of the show's new season on Starz, a sponsor of "GMA."
3:55 | 02/14/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Take a trip to Scotland to see where ‘Outlander’ is filmed
We are bringing our "Gma" "Outlander" week to a big finish with secrets from the set. Yes, we teamed up with our sponsor STARZ and made a trip to Scotland where the wildly popular show is shot and we got to experience every fan's dream tour. This beautiful hand sewn dress was created just for me, yes, so I could fit in with the cast and got the chance to visit the famous Fraser's ridge. Stand by my hand. What kind of world is this. The only world. Let's start with the script and tell me everything. Sure, okay. Okay, fine. What can you tell me? Last season was a lot about finding home and starting to build a community. We'll call it Fraser's ridge. This season this community is setting -- we're putting down roots. With the help of our sponsor STARZ I got the chance to go behind the scenes to see how the magic is made. Along for the journey my star-studded tour guide and starts with the wardrobe. These costumes have such a weight to them. There is a practicality and sensibility to it and you feel that they can go out and do anything. They insisted on giving me an authentic "Outlander" experience. Can you breathe? Oh, yeah. Then it's not night tough. Get your bows straight and get to your jewels. I'm available if I get an I think you should come. I think you should come. If there is a wedding I'm in. Reporter: And the most practical wardrobe staple, the kilt. Really essential survival kit. Below your knees and wrap it up with a leather belt and could be a sleeping bag, pockets. The amount of material required to make a decent kilt. They have kept us warm most seasons. We have shot through Scottish winters, slightly airy, as well. Around every corner a super fan's dream tour. This is like one of my favorite places. They have props from every season. We have the native American kayaks we got specially made. Over in the corner, Alexander Malcolm's printing press which I had to learn to use. This is your new surgery. Claire has all this new information and about how she can try and find these compounds that she knows exists at this time. People don't know about it yet. We have some mold growing, cultivating mold in search of some penicillin. I think we can say that. I'll leave you to your patients. And to wage war with your invisible beasties. Bacteria. I had the chance to walk the grounds but the cast likes to call it Fraser's fridge. We're talking mud. Like quicksand mud. What is it if there can be one thing that keeps people? You've got the action elm, the sci-fi, the drama and the so much in there that I feel like it's quite rare that you get a show that combines all those things. Every season is completely different. We're not in the same place. We've been around the world. So much has happened. I don't know another show like it. Promise me you're coming back. I swear it. A don't know another show like it Wardrobe choices should be

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Ginger Zee takes a trip to Scotland in celebration of the show's new season on Starz, a sponsor of \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68983255","title":"Take a trip to Scotland to see where ‘Outlander’ is filmed","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/trip-scotland-outlander-filmed-68983255"}