Garth's Goodbye: Actress Exits 'DWS'

After a fierce dance-off that saw two teams receive perfect scores during the semifinals, it was actress Jennie Garth and partner Derek Hough who were voted off ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" Tuesday night.

"We had so much fun dancing together. It's bittersweet because we both really tried," Garth said on "Good Morning America" today. "I think [we are] excited to go back to our real lives. But it was such a fun journey."

Hough gushed over how much the former "90210" star had accomplished in such a brief period.

"She's accomplished everything there was to accomplish," he said today. "She's learned every dance there is to learn. She's done two encore dances and a perfect score. So, mission accomplished. She's amazing."

The couple's elimination capped a season of growth for Garth on the show. Garth admitted she was nervous and not self-confident about performing, and struggled all season to get comfortable with her abilities.

Earlier in the season her biggest fear occurred when she fell during a performance. It brought the actress to tears, but Garth said the slip up may have been the best thing to happen to her.

"I think I — probably more than anyone — [I] started at ground zero as far as dancing experience and performing experience," Garth said. "This was such a huge thing for me to accomplish as much as we did and get as far as we did."

The mother of three young daughters also danced her way into clothes two sizes smaller than where she began.

"That was a great perk. I got my body back after my third child," she said.

Garth's departure left three stars battling it out for the title and glittery disco-ball trophy in next week's finale. Fan favorite Melanie Brown will compete against race car driver Helio Castroneves and entertainer Marie Osmond.

Tuesday night Osmond, whom some considered the weakest dancer of the remaining stars, was the first person to make it into the finals.

But Hough, whose sister Julianne Hough coaches Castroneves, believes his sibling and the race car driver will win.

The couple have accelerated into overdrive since the beginning of the season and even scored a perfect score of 60 for their Monday night performances.

"No offense to Helio, but Helio could stand there in the middle of the floor and she could dance around him, and they would still win," Hough said. "She's an amazing dancer. She knows how to work it."