Working Together, Everyone Wins

After four weeks of dieting and exercise, there is a winner in "Good Morning America's Battle of the Spouses Weight Loss Challenge" -- everyone!

The men gained more flexibility and upper-body strength than the women did, but the women lost more fat and showed more improvement in core strength and stability.

All participants will receive the grand prize -- a full day of spa treatments at the Westin New York at Times Square, compliments of Women's Health and Men's Health magazines.

Dave Zinczenk, editor in chief of Men's Health and author of "The Abs Diet," coached Mike Maggio, Ron Grapsy and Will Sotack on Team Brews Brothers.

As a team, the men gained six inches of flexibility (twice what the women gained), did 30 more pushups than they did four weeks ago (33 percent greater than the women), reduced their body fat by 2.5 percent and improved their core strength by an average of 58 percent.

"The biggest challenge here for the guys was time and controlling their diets," Zinczenk said. "Look at any of their schedules and you're not going to find a half-hour open slot to work out ... ultimately consistency is key. There's no 'best time' to work out, but you should try to do it at the same time every day."

Individually, Maggio improved his flexibility by 150 percent, improved core strength by 56 percent and lost five pounds; Grapsy performed the most push ups (50), gained two pounds of muscle and improved flexibility. Sotack made the greatest improvement in pushups, lost four pounds and gained flexibility and core strength.

Tina Johnson, executive editor of Women's Health, coached Tammy Maggio, Tracie Grapsy and Janine Sotack on Team Moms on a Mission.

As a team, the women gained 2.5 inches of flexibility, did 20 more kneeling push ups, reduced their body fat by 7.5 percent (three times what the men lost) and improved core strength by an average of 117 percent (double the men).

"Even with busy schedules and kids, the entire group was very successful because they set realistic goals, which is key," Johnson said. "They remained energetic and driven, even on vacation. That's a good test of their commitment."

Individually, Janine Sotack reduced her body fat by 7 percent and lost five pounds; Tracie Grapsy tripled her core strength and stability and lost five pounds; Tammy Maggio improved in every category, including a gain of 141 percent in core strength.

The coaches said there are lessons everyone can take from The Challenge:

More exercise leads to more energy

Lose body fat with cardio

Gain flexibility through resistance training

Men build strength and muscle faster than women

Better core strength means better abs and posture

Train with a partner