Leif Garrett to Enter Rehab

Former 1970s teen idol Leif Garrett said he would enter a drug rehab center today for treatment for heroin addiction.

"Even though it wasn't court ordered, I've decided that I think the best way to start out the program and get a good foundation ... is to check in for 30 days," Garrett told ABC News. "I'm grateful for the opportunity to get cleaned up."

Garrett, 44, agreed on Friday to enter a strict drug-diversion program for violating probation in a cocaine case. He also faces charges of felony possession of heroin.

The diversion program requires frequent testing and daily counseling for at least a year, but Garrett said the in-patient rehab treatment was his choice.

"I think you have to be ready to quit within yourself," Garrett said. "If you're not, it doesn't matter what rehab you go to."

On Wednesday Garrett pleaded not guilty to felony possession of heroin stemming from a Dec. 14 arrest in Los Angeles.

"I just want to get the clarity back," Garrett said. "I want to look in the mirror and see some bright eyes."

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