Evangeline Lilly Sheds Light on 'Lost'

From unexplained time travel to bizarre psychological experiments, the plot lines of ABC's "Lost" keep fans guessing.

Evangeline Lilly, the show's beautiful castaway, recently visited "Good Morning America" to help explain what exactly was happening on TV's craziest island.

In this week's episode, Lilly's character, Kate, and Sawyer escape from the clutches of the Others but have to leave Jack behind. The tension between Kate and Sawyer is palpable, but Lilly said that didn't mean she had picked him over Jack.

"I don't think she's made a decision, because in the real world, even when you get married, things can go off track. Kate hasn't forgotten about Jack at all," she said. "On the first day off the Alcatraz island, they start fighting because she wants to go back and get Jack."

While Lilly couldn't reveal more about why the castaways were on the island, she shared one outlandish theory about the mystery behind "Lost."

"I've heard the idea that this is all a dream that Vincent the dog is having," she said. "But if you ask anyone on the cast what's going on, we'll say: … 'Ask the producers.' You're not alone, though. I am waiting with bated breath to find out what's happening."

Lilly and many of "Lost's" cast members rent homes in Hawaii, where the show tapes. In 2006, a fire ravaged many of their homes, including Lilly's. She believes losing many of her material possessions made her stronger.

"All I had were the clothes on my back, my wallet, and my car," she said, describing her state after the fire. "And it was almost liberating. I kept waiting to wake up and panic that my stuff was all gone. But I never did. I'm actively trying to resist replacing things. But I'm in no hurry to clutter my life up again."

For now, Lilly and her cast mates have their minds on "Lost," despite rumors that the show might end this season or next.

"If we know we're working towards something, it keeps the excitement and the commitment going," she said about the cast. "The show started out with such integrity. I'd like us to maintain it."