This baby is so excited to see his mom in 2 places at once, and we can't stop watching

A video that captured the moment has gone viral.

Bennett Boals, 3-months, was fascinated by seeing his mom in two places at once -- on her phone and in real life.

In a video that's been shared more than 130,000 times, we see Bennett and his mom, Andrea Boals, having the most adorable Christmas morning moment.

"Bennett didn’t know what to think when he saw himself and me on the phone screen and then it really blew his mind when he realized I was still right next to him," Boals told "Good Morning America."

The Lakeland, Florida mom said she happened to take this video at the right moment.

"This video really shows the true, genuine joy that mommy brings to a baby in world of all new things," Boals told "GMA." "Bennett looks so overfilled with happiness to see me in two places, but the video doesn’t show how overfilled with love my heart was, too!"