Little boy 'debating' his dad is all the sweetness you need today

The family Roku box was the hot topic.

He may be only three, but Noah Russell's negotiating skills are on point.

In what his mom, Farissa Elvis Russell, describes as the "great debate," the little boy adorably pleads his case to his dad, Ryeheam Russell, on the issue of the family Roku box.

It seems little Noah had developed the habit of pulling the cords out of the box, which is in his room on a desk.

"He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and it's on 24-7," Elvis Russell told "GMA." "Just recently he started pulling out the cords. We could hear Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and then Noah would go to his room and then we don't hear it."

Ryeheam Russell says in the video. "Leave Mickey alone. Don't unplug Mickey. Leave the box alone." Elvis Russell said her husband told Noah he wasn't going to put the cords back this time.

Noah is a cancer survivor. He also has Down syndrome and is a master debater, his mom said. While he works on his speech, he uses a mix of the spoken word and sign language to make his point.

And, as it turns out, to win his debates. HIs mom said they did end up putting the cords back in the Roku, because who could resist that hug at the end of the video?